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Should Parents apply for SS number

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Mountain Goat
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Registered User
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Should Parents apply for SS number

Postby Mountain Goat » Monday August 23rd, 2010 7:20 pm MDT

When we are born into the Corp state of America. Our parents unknowingly apply for a Birth Certificate and SS number. What should a parent do when there child is born? Apply for the SS number and Birth Certificate or not? Its very hard to leave a hospital with out being forced to sign the birth certificate paperwork.

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Re: Should Parents apply for SS number

Postby Kavi » Tuesday August 24th, 2010 1:03 pm MDT

I am sure Admin will elaborate further, but I would suggest that you apply the Standard of Review set forth elsewhere here, so that you can further understand exactly the situation and relationship you are inquiring about. You also seem to be asking for advice, and perhaps you could enlighten yourself about the stance of this forum on giving such.

From my understanding and research so far, it doesn't matter if you "apply" for the documents you are inquiring about, because that is not the nature of these. You must first understand who you are, and who the other parties are, before you can answer these questions for yourself. Even if you do not wish to do the research yourself, you can find the answers third hand here, although such information should be considered only as references regarding what others have done—you should still do your own research to confirm what ever you think you learn.

Further, if you do not figure this out for yourself, how can you even know if what you think is true, is in fact true? I hope this simplistic reply helps you to decide to find your answers for yourself.

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Re: Should Parents apply for SS number

Postby SimplyThinkDreams » Wednesday August 25th, 2010 5:59 pm MDT

Mountain Goat,
If I were having a child I would home birth the child. For one, home births are much safer than at the hospital when you have competent midwives to help in the delivery of the child. Additionally, when the child is born there would be no pressure to apply for any relationship which you do not want. A record of the live birth could be recorded in a family Bible, which can be used to obtain a birth certificate from the Corp. State at a later time.


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Site Admin
Site Admin
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Re: Should Parents apply for SS number

Postby Admin » Thursday August 26th, 2010 11:39 am MDT

:h: Mountain Goat, Kavi & SimplyThinkDreams:
Without entering a level of support available only to Team Law’s beneficiaries, we will respond to this topical thread by addressing each of your posts in turn from the first to the last as follows:
To Mountain Goat:
You presupposed that: “we are born into the Corp state of America.” However, following the Standard for Review, as Kavi suggested, easily reveals that neither the Corp. U.S. nor any of the corporate states are states (as in a State of the Union of States known as the United States of America); thus, the only form of “state” that would qualify with your presupposition would be a ‘state of mind’. Considering the facts with your presupposition (as if that was what you intended with said presupposition), we note that in our time, due to the American peoples’ ignorance of the law and its history, the people are in such a “state of mind” because they often believe at least three myths that critically limit their ability to learn either the law or its history; those are:
  1. Corp. U.S. is the government of the United States of America;
  2. The social security card belongs to them; and,
  3. The social security number is their number.
Of course, Team Law has already debunked those myths at least in the Myth 22 article; we also showed The Seduction effect of the those myths as it was foretold in ancient scripture.

Thus, wisdom provides the necessity of forgetting such myths and accepting the necessity for both learning the law and applying the same is the proper path for saving ourselves and our nation.

Also, if we examine the facts of the situation (where at first it seems like some peoples’ parents may have filed the SSA’s SS-5 form to apply for participation in the SSA’s card carrying program for generating funds), we discover that the parties that so applied were also identified by a similar SSN; which should make it clear that said applicants were not your parents; rather, they too were SSA created trusts (Corp. U.S. agents), as well. Your parents were simply lending consciousness and physical capacity to those agent trusts; because they fell for the same Seduction as well.

Kavi also correctly acknowledged the question you asked regarding what a parent should do was a request for advise; to which Team Law has provided its webpage regarding Advise. Also, the purpose and function of Team Law is to help people learn how to learn the law, its history and language for the exact purpose of their acquiring the ability to know how to determine such matters for themselves instead of having to rely on or trust any third party for such solutions. Thus, if we were to advise people on how they should do what they must do, or otherwise do their work for them, such actions would negate the very purpose for our existence.

Finally, the level of support that would provide you with your own answers to such questions would require Team Law beneficiary support; which we can only provide through services like our Beneficiary’s Private Forum.

The process for leaving a hospital without signing documents for birth records and or SS-5 forms is actually quite easily done; though it may require a bit of understanding of the laws and other limitations that apply to the relationship. We know many people that have done it. However, we agree that if you are not prepared with that level of knowledge, so leaving can seem (and or be) quite intimidating.
To Kavi:
Your response was right on point, thanks!
However, we would not have alleged: “it doesn't matter if you "apply" for the documents”; because it certainly does matter. However, from what you followed that comment with, we expect what you meant was that if you follow the Standard for Review to understand the nature of the respective relationships addressed or created by signing such documents, you would be fully capable of properly handling the situation in such a way as to:
  1. Not limit yourself and or your natural nature in any way; and,
  2. Be fully capable of utilizing the relationships so created to your benefit and advantage (even to help save our country).
Again, you were correct to recognize that learning such things can only be done by a party that learns how to learn such things for themselves from their own firsthand experience—and it cannot be effectively learned from a third party telling you what to do. Again, that is exactly why Team Law exists and it is exactly why we limit our service to helping people learn how to learn the truth for themselves from their own firsthand study and experience.

So, thanks again for your input.
To SimplyThinkDreams:
We agree with the home birth process. The mother and her child are both immune to their normal home environment; however, hospitals are generally filthy places filled with germs and diseases; many of which are, or could be, potentially deadly to the mother or to the baby. And, nothing could possibly be more natural than a mother giving birth to her child.

Personally, I delivered all nine of our children at home; however, I would have never presumed to do such a thing if I had not first planned for the blessed events long in advance. What we mean by that is, when we planned to marry, I started studying the ancient art of midwifery; because we planned on marrying so that we could have a family. Thus, by the time our first child arrived (within a year), I was qualified to safely deliver the child. As a backup, I also had another well trained midwife standing by. The backup was not necessary but the extra set of well trained hands providing whatever I needed, right when I needed it, was incredibly helpful.

Our point is, like in law, we would never hire an attorney (or any other party, professional or not) to do something we don’t know how to do. Think of it, how could you possibly know if the hireling is doing what they do correctly if you don’t know how to do it yourself? You can’t! Thus, though we might hire such a professional for their tried and true experience, proficiency and/or their potentially effective clout; we would never do so to have them do something we didn’t know how to do. Instead, we simply apply our own intellect and abilities first, to learn how to do what must be done. The very nature of the human species provides that if anyone can learn a thing, no other man (mankind) is limited from learning the same thing. In fact, each time anyone applies themselves to the task, it becomes easier for the next man to do the same thing.
We hope this information is helpful to you all.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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