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SSA-created trust versus foreign man

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SSA-created trust versus foreign man

Postby Ishmael » Thursday September 16th, 2010 11:00 pm MDT

Might the following query be addressed by Team Law?
    In that we (ISHMAEL, being at the least a Social Security Administration-created trust, apparently located in CA and/or MA and/or DC) are uncomfortable that our date of application to and/or acceptance by the Social Security Administration is apparently not the same as the actual day of nativity submitted previously (possibly in confusion) to the SSA as a "date of birth" by a party (Ishmael, being a man having a name that sounds the same as our name, or by his birth mother), we ask (not for advice) whether there might be a reasonably discoverable process for either us (ISHMAEL, being an artificial entity), or for this separate party (Ishmael, being a man, were he to be soon nominated as a TeamLaw beneficiary), to reconcile this "date of birth" discrepancy?
We thank you.

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Re: SSA-created trust versus foreign man

Postby Admin » Friday September 17th, 2010 3:02 am MDT

:h: Ishmael:
We do not understand your inquiry.

To clarify, we must first note: all Team Law beneficiaries are people.
The same thing goes for all of Team Law’s Open Forum System’s registered users; they are all people.

Also, it seems like you are attempting to interrelate the birth date of a man with the Social Security Administration’s creation date of a Social Security Administration (hereinafter “SSA”) created trust when there is no relationship between either those two dates or the events that took place on those dates.

Thus, we do not understand, to what ‘reconciliation’ you are referring.

Again, regardless who filed the SS-5 form with the SSA, the person filing that application need not have any relationship to either the trust the SSA may create (using data from said form) or the party the SSA seeks as Trustee (seeks to provide actual consciousness and physical capacity to the office of Trustee).

Respectively, if such an SS-5 form was filed at a time (before the birth of a child) such that it might be possible for the SSA to create a social security card (hereinafter “SSC”) based upon the information taken from such an SS-5 form and they were to time the mailing of said SSC (to the respective parties they propose to participate in the formation of a trust designed to hold said SSC ) to be presented on the date of the birth of a human child; the date of that presentation could not possibly control the creation date of the respective trust that would be created on the acceptance of the responsibility offered to so hold that card. Even the documents that arrive with such a SSC inform the parents/guardians that card should be held from the named party until the time that the child reaches the age of maturity (so it can legally enter the respective contract). Thus, the create date for following the instructions the SSA (Creator) provided would be no sooner than that child’s 18th birthday; when the child legally becomes an adult and can lawfully accept the contractual obligations related to holding said SSC in trust.

Technically, the create date (birth date) for said SSA created Trust is the date when the cardholder (said trust) finally accepts the SSA's offer to so hold the SSC in trust for the Beneficiary (Corp. U.S.); thus, it is not possible for that date to be the same as the birth date of the baby that eventually reaches the age of maturity such that it can accept such an agreement.

Accordingly, we do not understand your inquiry and expect that you have incorrectly presupposed some things related to the nature of the relationship of such a trust as it may apply to you.

Our opinion is no such reconciliation is either necessary or possible; or even remotely desirable.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
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