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Introduction to posting topics in the Success Network Forum

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Introduction to posting topics in the Success Network Forum

Postby Admin » Tuesday May 29th, 2012 6:45 pm MDT

:h: Welcome to the Open Network:
This is an introduction to posting topics in this Network Gateway.

Unlike the other forums on Team Law’s Open Forum System (where testimonials are discouraged), in this Open Network forum testimonials will become a significant resource for expanding the network. Testimonials are discouraged elsewhere because of: “The necessity for learning the law firsthand from your own experience.” People tend to avoid studying the law if they can simply mirror someone else’s actions and they don’t want to study at all if someone will just tell them what to do. Of course, our point is: “The firsthand study of the law itself from its source is an absolute necessity for understanding the law.” Thus, the only testimonials allowed in our other forums are those that express success from studying and learning the law itself prior to taking action.

However, when networking, stories of success help people Catch the Vision of an incredibly positive future; and, learning how others obtained success is like learning how to use a cookie cutter to pattern your successful results.

Thus, as we show people how to develop more success in virtually all aspects of their lives, they see that our dreams are real and they know they can have their dreams just as easily. Thus, if you can dream it you can build it. Again, the reason Team Law is focusing on helping people be successful is to help people redevelop their visions of the possibilities for a positive future and, accordingly, usher in this new millennium in peace and prosperity.

We all have to remember: “Our future is not written until we write it and we write it every day by how we think, act and dream.”

As people discover the reality of their own successes, we expect them to return here and post their stories of success; to help newcomers realize this is a very real opportunity of a lifetime!

Please be aware that though this entry level Open Network Forum is available to anyone to read, publishing testimonials at this level requires registration in the Success Network; the access of which requires completion of the simple qualifications shown on our Open Network Forum’s Welcome Announcement. Thus, to take full advantage of the opportunity Team Law is offering you, you will have to join our Success Network. Please see the Welcome Announcement to learn how.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
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