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Success Network is available to anyone—check it out!

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Success Network is available to anyone—check it out!

Postby Admin » Sunday June 3rd, 2012 11:29 am MDT

:h: Everyone:
On July 15th, 2012, Team Law officially opened our Success Network to anyone that wants to participate in that Network.

To understand why, we highly admonish you to read our Home Page (if you have not recently done so).

Even after reading our Home Page, some people wonder why we would offer this opportunity at no cost; and some even imagine that we must have some ulterior motive. Please understand, the only product or service Team Law is promoting with this network is: your own personal success!

We understand that time is of the essence and we understand, especially in these times that many people are suffering financially and in other ways that limit them from the successes they desire. Nonetheless, everyone can dream! And all success begins with a dream.

Of course, such dreams of successful futures are magnified when they are shared with as many people as we can bring together. I am reminded of a time when we drove through Washington, D.C. and a group of over a million men had come together to announce to the world that as God’s descendent children they were “Promise Keepers” pledged together to honor their promises to their God, their spouses and their families. It was an awesome thing to see. Certainly, they all shared a common desire, which was followed by a vision; and that vision brought them to that point on the quad in D.C.

We believe that virtually all of the good people living in our time also have a common desire; that is we all desire Life, Liberty, Property and the peace to enjoy them with our families; we all want to live, learn, love and leave legacies for our posterity. To achieve those things we need to form a Network of successful people dedicated to the peaceful restoration of our nation in accord with the law and the principles that drove the Founding Fathers as they formed this Constitutional Republic.

The only way to secure such a dream is to first dream it; and, second build an extensive network of people that have that vision and are willing to succeed with it. That is exactly why we created our Success Network for that very purpose—to build such a network of people.

For all that may be interested, we highly recommend getting a head start by, as soon as possible, getting and reading The Slight Edge; then report back to Admin as quickly as possible! The Slight Edge is an easy read (198 pgs). If you prefer instant access it can be downloaded from Amazon onto the Kindle, or onto Amazon’s free Kindle applications for the computer, tablets and smart phones. That is how we get a lot of reading done, we use all three (Kindle, Smart phone app. and Computer app).

Of course, the choice is up to you. We can continue to do what we have always done and continue to get the same results; or, we can start using success mastery resources and networking to maximize our potentials for success as we create the future we all desire.

Our Trustee is doing interviews for the Success Network now. The adversarial forces that would change our future to mandate controls over you will not just quit. Thus, the race is on; and we must each ask ourselves are we willing to dream of and work together to succeed; to dream of and create the positive future of our desires!

By now, you have to know this one of those rare opportunities of a lifetime.

Of course, some people will make the slight edge decision to take it easy once they gain access to the Success Network; and, that is OK. That is exactly why the old adage works so well: “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” The tools and resources we provide only work if they are used. And, even if the only thing you do is read 10 pages a day of a good book that helps you develop your skills; that slight edge decision will over time bring the successes described in The Slight Edge book.

This system works so well because the only thing anyone has to do to achieve success is make simple, easy to do decisions followed by consistent actions every day; while learning how to live in accord with the Seven Natural Laws that compel success in every righteous facet of life.

When you qualify for the Success Network we will provide you with a mentor that will be available to help you achieve the successes you desire. As you progress, you can gain access to the Success Network’s private Forum; where you will learn to apply those Seven Natural Laws that secure success. When you qualify for the Taproot Network (advanced training) you will learn how to maximize those laws to secure the automatic blessings. When you apply those laws to your life, you can magnify your rewards; such that the results are incredible!

For those that may imagine some ulterior motive for us to provide this service at no cost remember this: our nation and our world are in a world of hurt! The only way to stop that is to give the people something better to think about—and, something better to do that will provide them with success. No amount of worry or fear ever helped anyone to do anything; and, fears and worries are the easiest things in the world to eliminate (if you desire to and you have the right help with the right tools—we have those tools and that help in our Success Network). We all have to stop thinking about doom and gloom and start imagining our own successes and spreading that vision to everyone we can.

That requires networking. However, far too many people today are so self-centered and prideful that they fail to see the effects of their mindset. Therefore, the remedy is clear; we must: help people discover how to be successful, help them inspire others and to work together to succeed. Because everyone in the Success Network has a vision of the effect of so expanding the successes of many people, the more you take the chance to work with us to develop your own personal successes the more you too will Catch the Vision; and, that will help you help others both “Catch the Vision” and share it with all of those that follow.

So, yes, if we wanted to get in on the incredible opportunity, we would complete the qualifications listed in the Success Gateway article as quickly as possible! This opportunity is one of those one of a kinds that will not wait for you!

We look forward to further serving you.
Catch the Vision—be healthy, wealthy and wise.
Live, Learn, Love and Leave a Legacy.
Tell everybody about Team Law’s new Success Network! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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