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Wow—Simply Powerful!

Postby Gabtan » Tuesday July 24th, 2012 3:41 pm MDT

Our read of “The Slight Edge” and “The Seven Keys” within the Success Network has inspired us with a most tangible vision—which we sum up here as follows: Our possibilities are endless and our outcomes are inevitable, limited only by our imagination and actions.

We’ve heard it read “don’t condemn yourself for that which you allow”, which presupposes that we (individually or collectively) are responsible and accountable for the outcomes we achieve. Success is contagious—i.e. it can be caught by anyone with the desire to achieve it, in any area. For that reason, we highly recommend reading “The Slight Edge” so that you too can imagine the endless possibilities of success in any area of your life. When you finish the book, we expect you will be ready to learn “The Seven Keys” by joining the Success Network—a simple but powerful resource for anyone who Catches the Vision. There's an old saying "whether we think we can or cannot, we are right". We leave you with this, reading the Book and joining the Network are easy to do; both are Slight Edge decisions that will move you closer to a particular outcome—your Success! Enjoy the read, look forward to having you in the network.

"He who ignorantly claims omniscience proves only his ignorance."

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