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Thank you for recommending this book!

Postby Wexi » Friday April 19th, 2013 2:38 am MDT

I read the book, The Slight Edge" in September 2012 and began applying the principles. Since I was already reading more than the minimum pages recommended on a daily basis, I had that check in the block and knew the wisdom behind the idea. The author's idea to practice on a daily basis what I profess to believe in made a great deal of sense. Also, If in a day I do not have time to pursue all my lofty dreams and goals even for 10 to 20 minutes, I must scale back and prioritize. This makes me focus on what is important to me.

I was familiar with the concept of "people want to want" meaning that a claim is made to want something and is never achieved because the next step is never taken and the "people" are comfortable. I tried to avoid being "one of those people" but many of my desired results were lacking from my efforts. In science, something must change in order for work to be accomplished. The meaning to me is that if no matter the effort and energy expended, and no change is discernible--no work has been done. The dream may live but not be manifested.

I have held a long dream to be able to play the piano with far more ability than I had demonstrated most of my life. After reading the Slight Edge, I realized that I needed to do something everyday even if it was a small something. The change comes in the practice of believing on a daily basis, living in the moment, and taking action. I have found that this is a principle in quantum mechanics and have been doing much reading on the topic. Now since applying the practice to my piano playing, my confidence is greater, my hands and fingers are more powerful, and I am beginning to find Beethoven sonatas fun and easier to play. I am not at perfection yet, but after a session I feel as if I am on a higher plane or at a higher energy (vibration) level.

The education I have been receiving from Team Law fits with much of what I have discovered in life except that what I discovered before never seemed to have an answer or a course for action. Now I know I am on the correct path. Everyday I work for new discoveries. Team Law is filling a void in my education--the Law. This is good for intellect and my soul while lifting my spirits.

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