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How does the Private Message system work?

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How does the Private Message system work?

Postby Twodog » Saturday May 19th, 2007 12:16 pm MDT

I am just wondering if the message system is working properly. I composed a couple of private messages to Admin and by all indications it appears as though the messages were sent, but when I check my "sent messages" it is empty.

I don't want to send any superfluous messages if the ones I have already sent are being received.

Thank you in advance and may God Bless, Louis.

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Re: How does the Private Message system work?

Postby Admin » Monday May 21st, 2007 9:56 am MDT

:h: Louis:
We would have deleted this message because a little patience goes a long way and that would prove that the message system is working perfectly; but, there is the chance that others might have the same question and our response here might save the curiosity. This is not the first time such a question has been posed. The following response should help:
Admin wrote:For your information: One of the reasons we far prefer our private message service to e-mail is it is private. All of our communications take place directly on our server. When you compose a message in the private message system, the message is composed in the text editor right on our server. When you click on submit to send the message it simply stores the message you composed in the database. Unlike e-mail, your private message remains private. It does not actually go anywhere; rather it is simply linked in the database for pickup by the recipient. No one else has access to the message. You can edit it so long as it is in your Outbox. While the message remains in your Outbox that means that, the recipient has not yet had the opportunity to look at their private messages. This explains why when you send a message and look in your Sentbox you don’t find it until the recipient actually looks at their private message list. The instant they open that list the flag on your message changes from Outbox to Sentbox and the private message shows up in the recipients list. Again, the message doesn’t actually ‘go’ anywhere, the flags in the database simply change. When we receive messages, we go through them as quickly as we can. Sometimes, do to the volume of messages we receive, travel or weekends and holidays, our responses are delayed.

Phone calls are the fastest way to communicate with Team Law and the private message service is second. We prefer phone calls because they are more personal; and, unlike type written responses, phone calls take no time to compose and way more information transfers over a phone call in much less time. We can make far better use of time at the keyboard generating new materials than responding to private messages wherefore we always appreciate people taking advantage of our phone call service during our Trustee’s call times.
We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
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