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Becoming a Team Law Beneficiary

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Becoming a Team Law Beneficiary

Postby JourneyHome » Thursday June 7th, 2007 6:59 am MDT

Hello guys,
I have a few questions for you.
  1. Why is it that a person can not nominate themselves to be a Team Law Beneficiary?
  2. How come 'specifics' of many of the topics discussed on the Open Forum have to be continued only in the Beneficiary Forum?
  3. I would be interested in learning from those that are Beneficiaries what it is like to be a beneficiary and how it has helped you?
Thank you :newb:

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Postby Geibes » Wednesday June 13th, 2007 10:53 am MDT

Your questions have been answered in other several posts. Here and here are some I found just looking quickly.

Here is one that answers your second question and there are others. Essentially, the answers to your first two questions boil down to - that's the way Team Law was set up. It's a trust so it's following the rules set out in its indenture.

Here is a rather heated discussion on Testimonials which is sort of what your third question is asking. The main crux of that thread was that everyone's position and circumstances are different so testimonials on what someone has done are not relevant. Team Law helps you to read and understand the law and history for yourself so you can solve your own problems. Your question is a little more innocent I think so I will tell you that becoming a beneficiary is one of the best things I have ever done. While the trustee seems to be willing to talk to anyone on the phone or in the posts, the more detailed discussions and any paperwork that can be provided or reviewed is limited (again by the Trust's rules) to Beneficiaries. See here for other services that beneficiaries get.

I was nominated as a beneficiary by Way of Kings™. I believe that is the best way since you can also start taking advantage of their services as well.
Education is bliss!

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Site Admin
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Re: Becoming a Team Law Beneficiary

Postby Admin » Wednesday June 13th, 2007 11:35 am MDT

:h: JourneyHome:
As Geibes noted, your questions have already been answered repeatedly in various places on the forum and on Team Law’s website but we will address them here again, this one last time.
  1. Nominations are made by Donors.
    Donors are granted the privilege of making nominations. If they were able to nominate themselves then the donations would not be donations they would be funds paid so they could get something in return.

    You might want to look at How do I join Team Law?

    Therefore, donors cannot nominate themselves.
  2. Team Law is an educational service organization that helps its beneficiaries educate themselves in the law. The educational services it provides its beneficiaries are proprietary and if they were not limited to Team Law beneficiaries there would be no advantage in being a Team Law beneficiary. Thus, Team Law can help the :newb: until they realize that Team Law is worthy of their support; at which time, Team Law must reserve its services to its beneficiaries. Naturally, some subjects are of such general concern that pointing them out is or should be matters of common knowledge. We can openly discuss those in our open forum. As people discover the value of the service Team Law has been they discover Team Law is worthy of their support. At that point, we can no longer provide them support unless someone nominates them for a Team Law Beneficiary Endowment. Then they have full access to all that Team Law can do and help them with.
  3. As for your last question, we suggest that as you read the content of our Open Forum you will discover such comments throughout the forum. However, what you are asking for is testimonials and we frown upon such because testimonials should never be the basis of anyone making a decision to support something like Team Law.

    Considering that all Team Law beneficiaries were nominated by someone else and that Team Law is only an educational service that never tells people what they should do and reserves their services to helping people learn the law and how to make their own decisions based on their own experience and knowledge, testimonials do not apply.
If anyone wants to know if a work is true, correct or the right way to go they will discover that by the fruits of the path. The obvious fruits of Team Law are exemplified by the information we have provided on both Team Law’s website and on this Open Forum system; they should easily provide you with sufficient information to let you know that Team Law is worthy of your support.

It begs a simple question,
“Do you think our nation can be saved from its current predicaments with an ignorant populace that does not know who they are, what their standing is in law and or how to hold governance officials accountable to do their jobs?”
The obvious answer is “No.”

However, that begs another question,
“Is it possible for the people to learn who they are, what their status is in law by learning the law and how to compel officers in governance to comply with the law?”
Again, the answer is obvious, “Yes, it is possible.”

Now comes the final question,
“Considering the information provided on Team Law’s website and on this Open Forum system, is Team Law worthy of your support?”

We cannot answer that question for you nor can any amount of testimonials. You have to answer that question for yourself by reviewing the materials we have provided. If your answer is yes, then you will start donating to Team Law. Respectively you may receive the privilege of nominating Team Law beneficiaries. We hope you do.

When Team Law beneficiaries begin receiving the services Team Law can provide and they learn how to act for themselves in law and so prevail in their legal matters they often feel like the service was not only invaluable to them but such a service is not available anywhere else. They imagine what it would have cost them to learn what they did with Team Law beneficiary services from any other means and it would have cost them thousands of dollars if it were even possible. They often save thousands of dollars because of their experience and that causes them to want to add further support to Team Law so they make respective donations. When they are respectively granted the privilege of nominating people for Team Law Beneficiary Endowments, they either nominate their families and friends or they leave it up to us. That’s how Team Law has grown from its beginning—beneficiaries make donations to support Team Law because they find it a rewarding philanthropic thing to do. They are never confused by the question of why they cannot nominate themselves—they are already Team Law beneficiaries. That question only comes up when people that are not Team Law beneficiaries want to become Team Law beneficiaries and they do not know anyone that will nominate them. Though the question is not a reasonable one considering the definition of “donation”, it arises when people try to join Team Law. Then they discover there is nothing to join and no way to join us—you have to be nominated by a third party. When people ask such questions we often respectively point them to The Way of Kings™; because The Way of Kings™ nominates their Patrons for Team Law Beneficiary Endowments if the Patron is not already a Team Law beneficiary; thus, even though no one can nominate themselves for a Team Law Beneficiary Endowment, they can purchase an asset protection system from The Way of Kings™ and they will nominate them.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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