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What kind of group is Team Law?

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What kind of group is Team Law?

Postby Geibes » Monday July 16th, 2007 3:46 pm MDT

During a conversation the other day, a person alledged that I was a Reconstructionist. I didn't belabor the point but I explained that I see no need to reconstruct the country. The government as it was laid out in the Constitution of the United States of America is still a great system and will function again properly when its officers are reseated.

But the discussion made me wonder if there is a group that Team Law and those of us who think like they do can be pigeon holed into. I suspect not. Perhaps Constitutionalist. What, if any, groups does Team Law consider itself part of or similar to?
Education is bliss!

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Re: What kind of group is Team Law?

Postby Admin » Tuesday July 17th, 2007 10:51 am MDT

:h: Geibes:
We have been called many things by others, which usually indicates the name givers or pigeon holers do not really understand what we do. We remember when Arapahoe County took its case to the Corp. U.S. Congress hoping to secure more funding to fight what they called “The Allodialists”, which means those that are interested in free-holding their Land and the property appurtenant to it. We expect that body of people would include virtually every real estate property owner in the country, considering the fact that almost all real estate transactions include the fee simple title (allodial title) to the land and property appurtenant to it. It is interesting to consider what makes people want to come up with such labels and how often the labels fail to properly fit.

If we were to examine a group Team Law fits in, it would have to be, ‘Educators’; because, that is the only thing Team Law really does; we help people learn to educate themselves in law, history and the respective language necessary to understand them. The label, ‘Constitutionalists’ also likely fits.

There is a movement whose name sounds good, but it has so many bogus marketers (some well intentioned) and blind followers regurgitating whatever they hear that the movement itself has tainted its name—‘The Patriot Movement’. Still, we hope the actual meaning of the term ‘Patriots’ applies to our work, for it is certainly a patriotic thing to learn our history, our language and our Law and then to stand up for the same.

One would certainly hope we fit within groups called ‘The Hopeful’, ‘The Faithful’ and ‘The Charitable’.

Our work is primarily a solitary one, where we help individual people and their families learn how to learn the law, so pigeon holing us into a group is a difficult thing. We believe the solution to the woes of our nation and our world are found in learning our law and our history, so that we can avoid the pitfalls of the past while we focus on our future. The task is accomplished by word of mouth, by each individual applying what they learn and by sharing the truth with their friends, neighbors and incidental contacts.

We keep a two-sided 8½" X 11" laminated copy of the photographs linked to the Questions page in our car so that when any conversation comes up about the signs or our times, taxes, government and what we can do about it, we can show the picture and ask the question, “How could a Boeing 757 airliner with a 44' tall tail and a 100'+ wingspan have made this hole without breaking the windows around the hole and without leaving any evidence of such an aircraft at the crash scene?” The answer is obvious, “It could not have done it.” That obviously points to the obvious cover-up and begs the other questions on that page. We do not attempt to resolve the questions and we do not speculate on the unknown, “Who done it”. We simply point to the fact that it happened and the truth was covered up, we then point the people to Team Law’s website where they can get some answers. Some people print up business cards that simply say,
<div align="center">For answers see:

On the reverse of the card they might have their own contact information so they can locally build a cadre of people focused on winning our country back by individually learning the law, our history and the language to understand it with.

In order to deserve our birthright and truly be ‘United States of Americans’, we are obligated to know our law and to hold ourselves and the officers of our government accountable to our law. This would be an impossible task if we did not know our history and our law. To preserve the greatness of what America is and what it stands for we must learn the law, teach our children the law and help those around us discover the importance of the same. That is what Team Law is all about. So in the final analysis, the title of the group that we fit in best is:
<Div align="center">True Americans.</div>
We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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