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Re: The Way of Kings™

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Re: The Way of Kings™

Postby Cowboy70x7 » Thursday January 17th, 2008 8:59 am MST

Admin wrote:The Way of Kings™ has its own Open Forum located at the following link: The Way of Kings™ Open Forum
Their Admin will certainly be able to provide you with the information you desire.

I have read so much junk the last few days, I feel like a sparrow picked up in a tornado and set back down in a foreign country!
What is the difference between Team Law and the Way of Kings?

Also, I read stuff on the Way of Kings website I did not understand … are they asking you to pay them to declare the Freedom you already have?

The reason I'm on these forums is because of the Snakes that call themselves Lawyers and Judges who simply operate for Filthy Lucre's sake (NOT Justice or Righteousness)! I'm 14 days from going to jail simply because I can't find any Real Christians to help me with what they already have and know!

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Re: The Way of Kings™

Postby Admin » Tuesday January 22nd, 2008 11:48 am MST

:h: Cowboy70x7:
Learning can be like that. In spite of the tornado, fortune smiles on the sparrow when it flies on — continuing its life’s quest in its newly discovered environment. We are not much different in that respect; the old adage is true:
“Challenges that don’t destroy us make us stronger.”

The hope is, we can make sure the things we study and learn are true and correct, and we use what we know to continue to control our own lives and destinies. Our intent in studying our history and the law is to secure our Liberty for ourselves and for our families.

You asked:
Cowboy70x7 wrote:What is the difference between Team Law and the Way of Kings?
However, we do not understand the question, because we find no similarity between the two at all (other than they both use phpBB3 forum software). The difference seems quite apparent and we cannot understand how anyone could possibly review them and imagine a similarity between them.

Team Law is a foundation styled Trust, whose purpose is to help its beneficiaries educate themselves in law, its history and language such that the people can learn how to restore their original jurisdiction government. Team Law provides its beneficiaries many services in the process of performing that purpose.

The Way of Kings™ is a Limited Partnership that only generates custom designed asset protection systems; thus, it has no other function. The Way of Kings™ does not do any management or training other than the limited introduction available on its website. The systems it generates are uniquely built upon the foundation of acknowledging man’s covenants with God. Because the Way of Kings™ provides no training or management services of any kind it requires its Patrons must have a source where they can learn how to understand and use the asset protection systems they generate; thus, if their Patrons are not already Team Law beneficiaries, the Way of Kings™ will nominate them for a Team Law Beneficiary Endowment. To accomplish that end the Way of Kings™ makes donations to support the work Team Law has already done.

Team Law and the Way of Kings™ are not related in any other way.

Thus, there is no similarity between the Way of Kings™ and Team Law.

Considering the fact that the only thing the Way of Kings™ does is generate custom designed asset protection systems, we have no idea where you could get the idea that they ask people “to pay them to declare the Freedom you already have”. Nothing could be further from the truth. The quote you cited provides the proper source for your question regarding the Way of Kings™:
Admin wrote:The Way of Kings™ has its own Open Forum located at the following link: The Way of Kings™ Open Forum
Their Admin will certainly be able to provide you with the information you desire.

However, we do point people to the Way of Kings™ as a resource for getting asset protection system and learning more about wise application of the ancient law we call the Law of Consecration, so we will address your question to a limited degree by posting here what their website clearly shows. They charge $7,639.50 for the base of their asset protection systems; then they custom design your system by adding other components to the system. For example, if you wanted to add a Trust to the system they charge an additional $82.50 for each trust they add; if you wanted to add a Limited Partnership to the system they charge an additional $935.00 for each Limited Partnership added; etc. They can also add corporations but those costs vary too much for publication here.

As we noted above, if you want to know about them you should contact them not us. We are able to provide the information about them here because that is information anyone can go and get from their site. When comparing asset protection systems, we have found no other source for such powerful systems at any cost. The Way of Kings™ costs for such systems are below the norm for asset protection systems; even though no system we have seen compares with the quality or power of the systems they offer.

Finally, Team Law can do nothing about your situation with the courts.

The only thing Team Law does is help people learn how to learn the law for themselves through their own study and research. Further, we cannot imagine how anyone (other than God) can save you or give you help with the situation you have in the courts. We do not know what that situation is yet, we are certain any help that may be available will not be dependant upon the nature of the helper’s religion. In fact, we expect the only reason any good “Real Christian” would not resent your disparaging comments and allegations regarding them would be because they were Christians following the instruction of their King; that being, “Love one another.”

Though we do not know the nature of your situation (the details of which cannot be reviewed here, except in our Beneficiary Forum), we can imagine (at this late a date) little can be done to help you timely educate yourself sufficiently to avoid the jail time you believe you have coming.

If you were a Team Law beneficiary, our educational services would certainly have helped you, but again, such help has nothing to do with any religious persuasion. We are simply limited by our Charter to provide such resources only to Team Law beneficiaries. It is a contractual thing, not a religious thing.

Team Law has beneficiaries from all walks of life and from many various religions not limited to Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Baha’i, Hindi, Buddhism, Agnosticism, Atheism, etc. We believe in peoples’ right to believe how and what they may, regardless of whether we share the same such beliefs. Though, at times you may see a quote from scripture in our forums, we present the same either, as a quotes from law or, simply as a sentiment that makes good sense regardless of anyone’s religion. The fact that Law is founded on Torah is reason enough to exemplify that sharing such quotes is wisely done. The fact that religions are also based on such quotes also shows wisdom to their followers, but that has little to do with our purposes or us. Still, regardless of anyone’s religious persuasion Team Law is the only resource of its kind we are aware of and we will continue to help people learn the truth about: law, the necessity of learning the law and the necessity of your study of law for yourself directly from its sources.

Your post had to be edited for content because some of it was far to prejudicial for publication on our Open Forum system, thus we give you this warning to refrain from such comments in the future.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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