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Team Law benefits, endorsing checks & Quo Warranto?

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Team Law benefits, endorsing checks & Quo Warranto?

Postby SteveB » Thursday December 23rd, 2010 10:36 am MST

Greetings Team Law,
I had some questions about the services that Team Law provides to its beneficiaries.
Does Team Law cover the same areas that a pre-paid legal service provides? If not fully where is the overlap, what would be covered what would not. Would a pre-paid service be unnecessarily redundant? If not, does Team Law recommend a particular pre-paid legal service that would best fit, and best coordinate with Team Law and its beneficiaries best interest and needs. What are the fees for Team laws legal services provided to its beneficiaries in areas not directly related to its main purpose.
Also is all interaction with Team Law as a beneficiary covered under an attorney client privilege arrangement. If not how is it considered.

The next question I have is about how you endorse checks. In listening to one of the recordings: I learned about the use of a special wording as to how best to endorse check for one’s own protection. I looked on the order form but could not find an offering for a stamp. Is such a stamp available by special request, or is it better to just go local and have one made up. Are there other special endorsements that might be of use that might be available and where would I find out about the use of them if they do exist?

My final question for now is the subject of “Quo Warranto”. In keeping with your limitations, can you tell me to what extent it can it be applied and how it can be used. Can it be used to bring to account any “corporation” such as what many call government, such as business, general or governmental, or non-profit(501c) church type of organization or any kind of LLC or even perhaps even to a sol-proprietor. Would I have to have a “vested” interest or association with a specific organization or can I be totally unrelated to an organization, with nothing more than knowledge of an actionable crime and an interest in accountability and justice, bring an action against an individual in an organization. As I understand this could be any one in the organization, officers, agents, officers, and employees, etc. This seems like a very powerful tool that can bring accountability to many aspects of our current culture, it would be useful to be fully informed and trained up on it, so as to make full and proper use of it. Is there any special programs within the Team Law program that provides study guides on the subject, as I could not find anything offered on the order form that mentions it.
Thank You for any assistance you can provide,

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Site Admin
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Re: Team Law benefits, endorsing checks & Quo Warranto?

Postby Admin » Friday December 24th, 2010 4:33 pm MST

:h: SteveB:
For the most part, we provided the benefits of Team Law’s Beneficiary services on our website at the Benefits of Team Law link from our main menu. Within the information found on that linked page you will find links to our published statement on advice.

If you read Team Law’s published statement on Advice you should already have answered your first question.

When you subscribe to a pre-paid legal service, you are paying for legal advice. When you exercise such a service the attorneys provided by the service are usually professional BAR attorneys; which you hired to give you that advice; however, they are not known for also providing you educational services. Thus, you go to the attorney relying on the education they have to seek their legal advice; but, they will not teach you the law. They are professionals and if they were to teach you the law you would not need their advice.

Therefore, people go to attorneys for legal advice; and, people come to Team Law to learn how to learn the law firsthand from their own study of the law itself from its source.

Both services have their distinct advantages and they can work together when necessary. Still, there is no substitute for knowing the law; in fact, it is required of each of us regardless of whether we honor the requirement.

The worst case scenario is when you are involved in a situation where you need legal support but no attorney is willing to take the case. In such situations, you must either have the knowledge already or you must find a way of gaining it in a timely manner. In such situations only a resource like Team Law can help.

Team Law has no access to any prepaid legal service and accordingly makes no recommendations to such organizations. In fact, most of the time we find that people use such relationships as a crutch that they rely on far too heavily; because they imagine having such a service gives them an excuse for not exercising the necessary due diligence necessary to learn the law firsthand.

We see that as a bad mistake. Learning the law firsthand is necessary for every one of us. In fact, it is the only way for a people, in a Constitutional Republic such as ours, to maintain our original jurisdiction style of government. That is exactly what Benjamin Franklin meant when, on September 18, 1787, as he emerged from the meeting, at the close of the Convention in Philadelphia where our Constitutional Republic was formed, Mrs. Powell directly asked him: “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” And, Mr. Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

All of Team Law’s services are provided to its beneficiaries at no cost.
Though some of Team Law’s beneficiaries are BAR attorneys, Team Law does not use attorneys to provide beneficiary services; thus, there are no respective attorney client privileges; in accord with that premise, the nature of our services never requires any beneficiary to divulge information to Team Law that would need to be so protected. Again, we do not do your work for you; so, we do not need to know personal details about your interest in studying the law. We simply help you learn how to learn the law effectively so that you can learn to apply it and then as you do your reap the rewards and benefits of your labor.

You did not find an endorsement stamp on our order form because we do not sell such items. And, beyond what you learned from the recording we can only provide support on such matters to our beneficiaries. Thus, we cannot provide any further information on that matter other than what you already heard on the recording. To get more support on that topic, you will have to be a Team Law beneficiary.

The Quo Warranto cause of action can be brought against any official serving in any office regardless of its government, commercial or other affiliation; with the possible limitation of standing against an official that bears the power to pardon (it has never been tested in such a situation). Of course, you could find that through a thorough study of respective case law applications. Beyond that level of response on that matter you would have to be a Team Law beneficiary to receive further support.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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