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Need help learning about immigration laws

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Need help learning about immigration laws

Postby Wunluv » Tuesday September 20th, 2011 2:18 am MDT

My dad was on his way to work and got pulled over down the street from our house for no reason. He says it was a normal looking car that pulled him over then they identified themselves as immigration officers. They arrested him and did not tell my dad for what reason?

My dad has his own small tree care business and all the workers meet at our house then leave from here. This morning my mother went outside and noticed this stranger stalking the house walking by. Then when all the workers left our house to go to work, they all got pulled over down the street, one by one, for no reason. There were like 3 different vehicles that got pulled over including a big dumping truck with a chipper attached, and they all left from our house. Three of the vehicles were pulled over on the same block a couple feet away from each other. They only pulled over my dad's workers and not any other cars that were driving on that same road. One of the workers asked why he was pulled over and they told him they were conducting an investigation in the area (but only my dad's workers were the ones pulled over?).

My dad got a call from one of the workers because he was pulled over and didn't have a license, so he asked my dad, who has a license, if he could pick up his vehicle so they wont tow it. So my dad immediately went, then a normal looking car pulled him over. He called my mother and told her that they now pulled him over for no reason then hanged up. My dad then calls back and tells my mom that immigration is arresting him and doesn't know why and they wont tell him and then tells her to pick up the truck, so my mom goes. Thank God they didn't arrest her. My mother has two minors that were born here. Who's going to care for them if she gets deported? I'm the only one, out of the three older brothers, who is out here but I can't even care for myself, I still depend on my parents support financially. My other two brothers fell victim to the system and they too still depend on my parents support financially and emotionally.

I'm out on bail, fighting an immigration case which my parents had to pay $40,000 because I had an immigration hold. The reason I ended up fighting this immigration case was because I was arrested for a minor, bogus charge which I fought and won. I was innocent and fought it all the way though my public defender and judge were trying really hard to scare me into taking the deal. Turns out the rude, racist officer made a mistake, according to them, and thanks to his mistake I'm in this situation. They dismissed the charge, but kept me in custody because I had an immigration hold. I wasn't born here, just my little brother and sister were born here. It really sucks because all my life I grew up thinking I was born here but I wasn't. My parents brought me and my two other brothers to California when we were little babies so thats why I don't remember. It wasn't my choice, I was just a baby and my parents were looking for a better life for us.

I don't have a criminal record. All I have is driving on a suspended license and a DUI but we all make mistakes and learn from them and become better people. I've always done good in school and gotten good grades. I was the first in our family to graduate and go to college. I stopped going to college because all these problems are taking up all my time. I spent most of my time doing research trying to learn the law and help my brothers, myself and now my dad. We all depend on him, he's our main source of income. Me and my brothers all worked with my dad but none of us ever ran our own business and now it's up to me to keep the business running and support the family. It's a lot of weight on my shoulders and time is going to be an issue because my dad worked till the sun went down and that leaves me with little time to learn the law.

I've been researching trying to help my younger brother who was arrested recently in February 5th for a crime he did not commit. The crime was committed in Sept. 2010 and he was arrested in Feb. 5th 2011? His case has gone up to the prelim and so far the witnesses' original statements don't match each others or the statements they made in the prelim cross examination. All the witnesses including the alleged victim said clearly themselves, at the prelim, that they didn't get to see the suspect and wouldn't be able to identify him. The alleged victim said himself that he feels the alleged suspect wasn't trying to harm him. So there's no injury, loss or harm so where's the crime? The alleged victim didn't even file a valid cause of action, the police did by taking the victim's statements, according to my brother's 1st lawyer who we replaced. This lawyer also said it was the D.A. going through with the charges, not the victim. I don't know if they can do this?

My younger brother is innocent and he dedicated most of his time working all day with my dad, for he knew he had a son on the way. He worked more than me and was helping out my parents financially, I was amazed. I feel like ever since I got bailed out for $40,000 (cash), they have been racketeering us even more than before. Most of our earnings have gone to these courts, lawyers, fines, tickets, etc. My immigration lawyer was $5,000, my bail $40,000, my brother's 1st lawyer $8,000 and the one we just got him $30,000, and now my dad is going to need a lawyer that who knows how much its going to be. I'm also fighting a driving on a suspended license I got and those are expensive too. My parents are also about to loose their house to foreclosure; they haven't payed the mortgage for 5 years and they ow more than what it's worth or something like that. My parents don't even speak english so it's up to me to figure all this out. Talk about having your hands full.

However I am determined to learn the law with the help of this website and God's guidance for he led me here. My dad is an honest, hard working man and he has always been there for us. He was arrested for no reason and immigration took him in. What seems fishy to me was that some of the people that got pulled over were immigrants and they did not take them in? And before all this, the last couple of months, there's were strange cars parked by our drive way in the rear of our home, just parked there, sitting inside the car with tinted windows. It kind of makes sense now why they were there and why strange people were stalking our home. Seems like they were planing this but my question is why? My dad has no tickets, no owed fines, or a criminal record?

Can someone please let me know where I could find helpful information to help my dad and my brothers? Thank you and God bless us all.

One love!

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Re: Need help learning about immigration laws

Postby Admin » Tuesday September 20th, 2011 10:42 am MDT

:h: Wunluv:
Though the story you tell is a sad one, one legal theme runs through it—immigration. Given the fact that your parents do not speak English along with the fact that your story never indicates your parents lawfully immigrated into the United States, it seems like they may be in violation of the United States’ immigration laws. Thus, when you related that they were arrested for no cause, that seems a bit short sighted of the apparent facts.

The United States is not alone in the world when it comes to lawful access to presence in a country. There are two ways to have lawful rights to live in most countries:
  1. To be lawfully born there; or,
  2. To lawfully immigrate.
What some people fail to realize is that beyond those two ways, access into most countries constitutes an act of war. This is because there are only three ways to lawfully occupy land:
  1. By a lawful claim of and occupation of unclaimed land;
  2. By landownership; or,
  3. By contract with the owner of the land.
Any other occupation constitutes a trespass. Also, given the following facts:
  1. People are naturally sovereign;
  2. Sovereignty is defined by its three elemental component parts:
    1. Dominion;
    2. Agency; and,
    3. Possession.
  3. Sovereignty is limited to the sum of those elemental component parts.
  4. Dominion is elemental to landownership:
      1. A sovereign’s domain (and so their sovereignty) is limited to the confines of their own land;
      2. Accordingly, if a sovereign owns no land their sovereignty is limited to the confines of their body and they must either have the lawful right to be on and possess whatever land they are on or they are trespassing upon that land and subject to the consequences.
  5. Every sovereign’s sovereignty is limited to the confines of the domain they own or lawfully control.
  6. Violation of either a sovereign’s domain or a treaty between sovereigns constitutes an act of war.
That set of facts is exactly why the maximum penalty (punishment) for trespass has always been death. Accordingly, most people are still today familiar with the old boundary signs sometimes seen at the edge of a property line “Trespassers will be shot!”

The bottom line: according to your story—if your parents came into this country without following the laws for lawful immigration, then they are trespassing and are subject to the laws that would hold them accountable to that trespass. Accordingly, any of the others in your story that came here by any means other than lawful immigration or birth would also be subject to those laws.

Though we may sympathize with your situation (especially where you lived here your whole life believing that you were born here) the laws are what they are and that is likely why your father was arrested. The fact that your father had others working for him (that were also in the United States without a lawful right) would certainly compound the problem. Though hiring lawyers may prolong the matter, they will not likely change either the laws or their effects.

Elemental to learning the law is the necessity for obeying, honoring and complying with them. Failure to do so almost certainly will limit your ability to compel others to follow them.

However, in reading your story today, one cannot help but wonder about the similar facts becoming more apparent all of the time surrounding President Obama’s birth and the inconsistencies surrounding the allegations that he was born in what is now known as Kenya. Too many issues regarding that matter are all too apparent that something is wrong; and yet, they let him continue where he is. Thus, we must recognize that if that can be done by him; who knows what you might be able to do for your father by devoting your efforts to learning the law.

That is what Team Law is all about; we help people learn how to learn the law. We have beneficiaries all over the world; so, the circumstances regarding your birthplace are not a matter for consideration with us and the possibilities of so helping you learn the law. However, for us to delve further into the matter you shared to help you so learn how to learn the law would require Team Law beneficiary support.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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