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How do I fight in court as a Soverign Citizen

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How do I fight in court as a Soverign Citizen

Postby Aamaverick » Sunday March 17th, 2013 7:05 pm MDT

Hello my name is Aqueelah and I am a Sovereign and I live under the Comman Law. I am going to trail right now because the judge has tooken me over through force. So now I am trying to prove who I am as the living soul I have given up my government funds and I am trying to prove the law as it is in the Constitution states, Federal Laws, Comman Laws, I need help I have to finish my trial tomorrow it has already started. I have questioned the witnesses already now it's time to present the evidence and my testimony. I am fightng that I am a living soul and not a corporation which would be a person is there anyone who is familar with what I'm talking about. :wink:

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Re: How do I fight in court as a Soverign Citizen

Postby Admin » Monday March 18th, 2013 5:38 am MDT

:h: Aqueelah:
Though we understand the things we think you are referring to, your word choice and spelling makes it difficult to understand your request. However, [because we are not familiar with “Comman Law”; but, we are familiar with “Common Law”] if we imagine you simply misspelled the word “Common” then we can make a reasonable assumption of understanding the meaning of your first sentence. Next, we have to wonder what you meant by the phrase: “I am going to trail right now…”. Given that, the most applicable meaning of trail is: ‘a path through the countryside’, we have to ask, ‘Were you implying the intent of fleeing the court’s jurisdiction?’
Respectively, we switched the letters, “a” and “i”, from the word “trail”, to get “trial”; assuming the spelling error would explain a more reasonable indication that you intend to continue arguing a case before a judge in a court.

However, you have to realize that people reading your inquiry have to make such assumptions to understand what you wrote; which places them in an awkward position. How do we let you know of our difficulty in understanding you if we don’t do something about helping you know about such misspelled words and or grammar errors? Thankfully, part of what we do here is help people learn how to learn the law; with its language and history. Nonetheless, we always hope people realize we are here to help; respectively, in our Forum’s Rule 21 we suggest composing posts using word processor software that has spelling and grammar checking functionality (for example: Microsoft’s WORD; or, Apache’s free Open Office); however, even spell checkers will not help with misplaced words like “trail” and “trial”; both of which are spelled properly.

Therefore, as noted above, if we have imagined your intended meaning correctly to presuppose what we think you might be asking, the answer your question is: “Yes, we are familiar with what you presented.” However—

We noticed that you registered as an Open Forum system user on, February 22, 2011; and only now (when you are stuck behind the gun of prosecution) do you contact us to plea for educational support?
Too bad you delayed your education until now; if you are going to the final day of trial today; your inquiry was made too late. In all likelihood, by the time you get our response, you will already be in court; thus, anything we provided will be received too late.

The bottom line: by now, you must know the kind of educational support you are asking for requires Team Law beneficiary support; respectively, until you are a beneficiary, we can only provide introductory support.

Though we appreciate your claim of sovereignty (please see our article on Sovereignty), everyone is sovereign; so, your claim is not unique. Given that the only circumstances wherein sovereignty would rise to a defense in court are geographical and/or political; thus, [because political challenges are beyond the subject matter jurisdiction of courts] when you raise the allegation of sovereign standing to the court you can only be raising a venue (geographic) jurisdiction challenge to the court. Accordingly, the court would look to the prosecution’s presentation of the case and note that venue jurisdiction was already established on the onset of the case—that is to say, the events in question took place within the geographical boundary of the court’s jurisdiction.

Respectively, your argument regarding Sovereignty will fail—unless you have shown that your sovereign venue is distinctively different from that of the court and you have a treaty between (you in your sovereign venue) and the political sovereign under which that court was charged to administrate its duty. If you have not done that your claim to sovereign authority will fall on deaf ears (because your claim was not properly substantiated before the court).

    [Quite frankly, that allegation will be a difficult one to prove given that an elemental part of the court’s authority to hear any action comes from the federal or state Constitution; wherein the individually sovereign people of the State will have granted the government the responsibility to administrate a portion of their collective sovereignty to carry out the functions of government; one of which is the authority to manage and administrate the courts. Thus, you would have to show that that element of your sovereignty is not the same sovereignty you are using to claim your jurisdictional challenge.]
Again, assuming our imagined spelling and grammar corrections were correct, the second problem with your request is the allegation that:
Aamaverick wrote:I live under the Comman Law.
Of course, in the United States “Common Law” means “the law that is common among the people”; which means, the law as it is determined in accord with the decisions of the common courts of the people; which is exactly where that judge is seated to rule on the case you are in. If you were referring to the other common meaning of that phrase (which is: “Old English Common Law”), then you would have to have again provided some form of evidence of your treaty that sets your law base as foreign controlling law; which you have not likely done.

The fact that you are already presenting your defense and have already questioned witnesses in the case implies you have not done any of these things and that by:
Aamaverick wrote:…trying to prove who I am as the living soul I have given up my government funds and I am trying to prove the law as it is…
You are still contesting venue jurisdiction (which matter the court has already resolved as shown above) and have not yet presented any defense for the situation in which you found yourself. If that is the case, you will have most certainly lost the case for your failure to present a prima facie case to support your defense; thus, the court or a jury will have no choice but to convict.

Respectively, we wish you would have become a Team Law beneficiary before you found yourself in such a predicament.
We also hope your belated plea for help will remind others to realize the importance of the fact that: “The time for education is before the need for its use arises!”

Most people seem to have an innate desire to be self-reliant; yet, there are times of need when we need to come together (often wishing we were better prepared for the circumstances of life); however, when we come to that point of need, we often also run into the circumstances of our life’s path. Some of that path was controlled by our own choices and some by circumstances over which we had no control. Nonetheless, we arrive at that point of need with both the resources we have available and the need to overcome and endure. Most of the time, when such circumstances cause people to reach out for help, the reason for that need is their lack of certain elements of education—for if they were better educated, they might not need the help. The problem with most sources of available education is, they are focused on the educator; not on the specific needs of the party desiring the education. However, at Team Law, our focus is on your success—not just as it applies to your need to learn the law, but on your need to be successful in every righteous aspect of your life.

Respectively, though this response was not likely much help for you as you appeared in court today, we hope you realize that it is never too late to start learning how to become successful in every aspect of your life. We fully recognize that people today are simply not taught what they need to know about the law; however, they are also not taught what they need to know about almost anything else either. And, if you (anyone) come from a background where you didn’t have other supportive elements necessary to develop the dreams that drive success to fruition, then you will not likely achieve anything near what your potential is.

In America today, the biggest problem we have is the people are not successfully dreaming of success; instead, they see the doom and gloom from the media and they imagine their futures filled with doom and gloom. That will not produce any better results than did your experience in the courts today as you went forth ill prepared.

Nonetheless, the solution is simple. You can impugn the messenger; and, continue as you always have; getting the same results you have always expected; or, you can take the chance to change your vision to what you have always desired but perhaps have never dared to dream.

Team Law is here to help.
You can start with our Success Network and then continue on by becoming a Team Law beneficiary.

The bottom line: it’s time to change our future for the positive. To do that you have to change your vision and to realize that desired vision you have to learn how; which Team Law where we come in—though we can help—the choice is up to you.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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