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Christianity and the Beast System

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Joined: Monday September 26th, 2005 10:57 am MDT

Christianity and the Beast System

Postby Layed » Monday September 26th, 2005 12:01 pm MDT

If you are a Christian and have a SSN, Driver License, Birth Certificate etc. are you serving two masters? Some Christians believe that they will be seperated from the system because GOD will take them to heaven and the people of the beast system (666), will remain here on earth.

I believe that GOD is ANGRY at all of us because there are laws that protect us from our tyranny government and we refuse to use them. Since we refuse to use them then we are reaping what we sew. And maybe some of those christians or non christians that are not helping to fight this battle, might find themselves staying here.

But on the other hand what do you do when you have a system that will punish you for fighting for your rights. Will God be happy with just our efforts or should we die or even go to jail for our freedom.

All it takes for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.

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Site Admin
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Re: Christianity and the Beast System

Postby Admin » Wednesday September 28th, 2005 9:15 am MDT

:h: Layed,

The question regarding serving two masters attaches directly to our opening question on our web site, “How can you obey honor or sustain the law if you do not know what the law is?” The obvious answer is it is impossible. We expect most Christians, and other followers of their religious beliefs, came into the situation of having such relations in ignorance. They simply followed along with the admonitions and testimonials of others until they found themselves there having waived or given up virtually all of their natural God given inherent rights. Having not maintained control over their actual government they have placed themselves under the servitude of a communistic master. They are not even aware that virtually all that they produce and build up in their lives they do through the trusts created by the Social Security Administration and all of the assets they hold in relation to those Social Security numbers are actually the equitable property of Corp. U.S.

The belief that we can remain in such obvious ignorance in the face of so many obvious violations of God’s laws is incomprehensible. It reminds us of the scripture where the minister stands before God at judgment and the Lord says, “Get thee hence, I know thee not.” Whereupon the minister says, “but didn’t I do all of these wonderful things like heal the sick and raise the dead in your name”, whereupon the Lord says, “Get thee hence, you knew Me not.”
With their lips they honor Him, but their hearts are far from Him.” It is obvious, the King of Kings does not take lightly such matters and as the book says, “No man can serve two masters.” However, it is not for us at Team Law to judge. What we do is help people educate themselves so that they can live righteously.

We also believe God has cause to be angry; averaging 50,000,000 voluntary abortions every 10 years cannot bode well with our Father in Heaven. Those are His children being murdered with Corp. U.S. taxpayer funds. He promised accountability and that mercy cannot rob justice. So professing Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or whatever, the one thing we can all rest assured of is judgment is coming. No separation will come for anyone that does not stand righteously. The scripture also states many of the righteous will be sacrificed to justify the punishments coming to the wicked.

As for Team Law’s opinion regarding such matters, it is not for us to say who, or how, anyone will be judged and such judgments. We simply know life is better when you learn the truth and the law and when you stand in accord with principles founded upon truth and law. It seems like that must also be the way of the King of Kings.

“The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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The mark of the beast

Postby kscheuvront » Friday January 13th, 2006 6:02 am MST

The mark of the beast is not here yet. Why? The antichrist is not in power, read your bible folks. I do not know why people think that a social security number attaches you to the mark of the beast, this sounds more like something coming from a paranoid extremist to me. The mark of the beast will be worn by individuals. I would have to read my bible again on this but I know that the bible talks of martars who were killed for refusing to wear the mark. The mark being worn on your forehead or right hand. Once again, it says worn, not carried in your wallet or pocket. When the mark of the beast is here, I will not be. Why do I know this. It is written in God's word. Salvation through Jesus Christ is the key. When Christ comes again, I plan on going with him. Then the Antichrist will take his power over the earth, that is when his mark comes into play.

Interesting information though, the technology for implanting the mark is here. There is a computer processor that uses dna to store data, I do not remember all the details of this; however, I do know that if you make a computer out of human dna, then you can design it to take power from the human body. All your information can be stored it in. From what I remember about this is that one drop of human dna can hold more information then 1 million floppy discs.

I am not saying that this is not a serious issue, it is. If people get carried away with it and make ignorant assumptions, then when the time comes to use your voice you will be dismissed as a loon.

The fact that there has been talk of putting micro chips in children in case they are ever "dissappeared" concerns me. If you can track a person because they have a microchip in them, that is when there is no hope for freedom. The fact that they do it to animals already really bothers me a lot. This is where our focus should be. They have learned something from our past enemies. If you start with the children, indoctrinate them. Then all you have to do is wait one generation, maybe two. Is this not the reason Hitler had his Youth? Is this not the reason the SS rewarded children who turned in their parents for not supporting the SS?

We can not stop what is to come though, it is coming, the signs are here already, the time is near, how near, only God knows, him alone according to His word. Herod tried to stop Jesus by killing children born in that area, just like the Pharoah tried to stop Moses by doing the same thing. God's will, will be done. Even Jonah learned that the hard way. If you truly want to prepare for this time that is coming, then prepare using the plan of salvation laid down by Jesus Christ. As far as the righteous, there are none. For a man to say he is righteous, he then has to ask him by what authority he declares this. None of us are worthy of what was given to us on that cross. If you think you can earn salvation, read your bible again and see what Jesus said about that. Please don't let someone else translate it for you, don't ask a priest about it, READ IT YOURSELF. Start at Matthew Chapter 1, verse 1, and read it til you finish in Revelations, ask for the wisdom to understand what you read. Don't let a man tell you what it says, that is the mistake many have made. Ask God what it says.

I do believe that people are looking in the wrong place for the signs though. Focus your thoughts to the middle east. The United States will not play a major part of what is come. This last paragraph is my opinion though, my belief of what I have read and seen. There is a difference between opinion and facts though.

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Site Admin
Site Admin
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Re: The mark of the beast

Postby Admin » Sunday March 19th, 2006 9:51 am MST

:h: Kscheuvront,
We also note the implication that the mark is referred to as ‘the mark that is and is not there’. We agree the “mark of the beast” is not apparently here yet (as you noted), but we are also not so foolish as to think it will suddenly appear without some forerunning pattern of process that accustoms the people to its folly. It is like the parable that shows we are not bound by flaxen cords (which are easily broken and of no worry) rather they are heaped upon us until the abundance of the cords are unbreakable.

The simple fact is the course of events that bind men from freedom is the path of the adversary. There is truth in the fact that the Social Security system has helped many people. We personally witnessed the help it can provide in the events near some close family member’s deaths and the financial support they had in medical and hospice care all of which was well provided for through benefits from that system. Only a fool would deny such benefits as blessings.

Then there are the factual circumstances that surround us. If we review the article found at this link to our Open Forum’s Contracts, Trusts and the Corporation Sole, we will learn of the Standard for Review that will reveal the true nature of things along with the elements of what constitutes a trust. If we then use the Standard for Review to review the relationship created by the Social Security Administration when they offer the Social Security card, we discover they create a trust by entrusting you with the card, which they reserve as the property of the United States Government. Their own publications make it plain they give that trust “a name and a Taxpayer Identification Number to distinguish it from any other person of the same or similar name”. Thus, though it is obvious the card is not the mark of the beast, either by name or number (666), it was generated by what appears to be a deceit implying the number was assigned to the people, when it clearly is not. We are reminded of the scriptural admonition that the children of Adam (Israel) are to remain without such numbers. We should note, those that accepted similar numbers from David (Genesis 13:16; 2 Samuel 24:10) did not fare well; and, we can also imagine that the Lord had good cause for warning us away from such things that have a pattern of being so tagged. Then we may remember Congress promised and even passed statutes forbidding the Social Security number from being used for identification. One of the concerns over such a practice even in 1935 was the similarity between such a use and what happened with David (the children of Israel). As of the events that spawned the oppositely named Homeland Security (patterned after Hitler’s SS (State Security)) division of Corp. U.S., it is generally accepted that the Social Security number is required for identification to open Bank Accounts, get licenses from either the Corp. States or from Corp. U.S., to secure credit, to travel or to carry on almost any kind of contractual relations with any business in the United States; even though the statutes still say it is unlawful to compel its use for such identification and even though there is no law that requires anyone to have a Social Security number.

When these limitations are compared to the limitations prophesied that will accompany the “mark of the beast” we find they are the same limitations; therefore, it is easy to see how people can have the concern that such a system can be a forerunner of the beast’s mark. If we then take a look at the cashless society governments, corporations and the media are talking about and pushing for we notice the credit cards and bank debit cards in use today—almost entirely tied to the Social Security number system for tracking purposes. Yet another flaxen cord?

Add to that the latest innovation in tracking inventory in stores (ala Wal Mart and others); the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag; which system allows for tracking the inventory of people as well and is being marketed by Wal Mart as their checkout free system. Once you either carry the card or have a personal RFID tag injected in your wrist or forehead you can simply walk into the store, pick-up what you want and walk out—the product will simply be deducted from your credit system.

The feds are also big on the idea for its implementation in their planned mandatory health regulation system—and you can say you are not concerned about the similarity between what is prophesied and the Social Security system? What, are you daft? At the very least the two systems already have all of the same symptoms. You said:
kscheuvront wrote:this sounds more like something coming from a paranoid extremist to me.
Personally, we think the only people that know of both what is going on today and “the mark” prophesies that cannot see the writing on the wall are in denial and need to open their eyes and get on their knees and ask for understanding from the Boss. vKhen the chip gets injected it will be worn and people are volunteering for such injection already. Combat military personnel are getting the injections as well. The tag identification contains the Social Security number and or is linked to it. You cannot see it unless you have a reader so “it is and is not there”—on the forehead or back of the right hand! What else do you need to see it? If you don’t see it yet, check out this link: Privacy Attack. Though it may be true the mark may not be here yet, but if it is not, its forerunner is and if you don’t learn how to act free from such things now (in the world but not of it) then you will have a rude awakening that may need some repentance. The bible also indicates those that take the mark have no place with our King, so if you plan on being with him, you better avoid “even the very appearance of” both evil and the mark.

You raised the subject of using DNA to link with the system; imagine if they take the RFID tracking system one step further and link it to DNA scans to control sliding doors, locks, elevators, bank accounts, access to all records tied into one MATRIX database, cars (entry, engine starts and control systems) and in the road tracking, communication and control systems. Guess what—the technology is already here; some Corp. States are already using it and only the implementation of the hardware is behind the times. You said:
kscheuvront wrote:The fact that there has been talk of putting micro chips in children in case they are ever "disappeared" concerns me.
We know people in Lamar, Colorado who had a child in a local hospital and when the baby came home they noticed a spot (like a small scab) on his heal. The grandfather looked it over real well and found that there was a lump under the skin. He fiddled with it a bit and decided there was something there. He used a scalpel and forceps to take out a thing about the size of a grain of rice. Five years later when he had an occasion to be in the Sheriff’s office with his grandson tagging along they seemed quite inquisitive that the boy was there. They asked questions about him like something was wrong with him being there. The grandfather expected, do to the nature of the questions asked, that they were surprised that they were not getting an automatic reading from the boy. The grandfather related the story to us over six years ago putting the birth about eleven years ago. The story is obviously hearsay. The grandfather told us of his own experience, we have no reason to question his honesty. The technology existed then and the only thing that is even a bit surprising is that the alleged injection took place without any consent or word to anyone about it. When you understand the Parens Patria Doctrine, that is not even surprising. Wake up brother, it might have sounded loony years ago; but, today—its here!

In fact today, not believing such things constitutes at best ignorance, at worst loonieness. You said:
kscheuvront wrote:Is this not the reason Hitler had his Youth? Is this not the reason the SS rewarded children who turned in their parents for not supporting the SS?
Now take a look at the D.A.R.E. program they teach in the schools. The story is that it is a program designed to break the peer group of children. Guess what, the peer group for children is the family. One of the key elements of the program is to allow the children to discover the necessity of turning in their parents if their parents are not in compliance with the law. Oh yes it is alleged to be a program that is supposed to teach the children, “Don’t Use Drugs.” A phrase specifically designed to presuppose the child’s drug use in the future. The program uses an iconic triangular symbol that when you look at it and read it you say “School Police Parents”; and, that is exactly the point of the program. The linguistic style of the program comes right out of the Hitler youth training materials.

At Team Law we have beneficiaries from many varying beliefs in a wide variety of religions, some are also atheists or agnostics. Therefore, out of respect for all of our readers, we generally keep our work focused on law and out of people’s specific religious beliefs. This is simply not the place for such discussions. Whereas, Law in the United States of America was founded on the Bible many topics address such biblical foundations in law and delve closely to some varying religious beliefs, this cannot be helped. Still we like to avoid religious opinion and discussions that are not specifically tied to law because that is the focus of our Open Forum. The latter part of your post started to go into an area that is so personal to your own specific religious beliefs that we nearly edited that part by deleting it for the reason that personal religious beliefs have little cause to be expressed in this law review forum; however, we did not delete it because we wanted to respond to the elemental nature of your final comment as follows:

You expressed a belief that these things are “Gods will” as if they can not be stopped, though the Biblical prophesies regarding such things are not presented as if such wickedness is “God’s will.” Quite the contrary, the fact is, the prophesies indicate that, if such things are to happen, they will because of the wickedness of man, not because of the will of God. In fact the prophets were just as adamant about man’s ability to stop such things from happening if they would only repent and turn back to Him. That goes along with the necessity of spreading His word and helping each other to see the light and return to Him.

That is exactly why we do what we do. There is a lot that each one of us can do. All of these things are scary; we live in scary times; yet what scares me is, so many good people like you seem to be turned away from recognizing their responsibility in awakening their brethren. They are full of blaming such things on “God’s will”. People seem to forget about His love. They seem to get all caught up in the doom and gloom of such prophecies of our time forgetting the cure—repentance; so they do nothing about turning back to the King or awakening people to the possibilities of joy and redemption. They have no hope in our turning things around. Such an attitude is hopeless and lost. We expect it is necessary to look at what is going on, so that we can learn how to avoid it and stop it. We expect love is the key (love your enemies like yourself); therefore, we expect more will be done to save our world by helping people be accountable, by learning the Law and applying it. More importantly we must learn the truth, get our own lives right and turn to our King (God). This is not a battle that can be won with the conventional weapons of war or by focusing on the negative. It is a battle that can only be won with accountability, education, love and service to one another. That was God’s example to us. God’s will is for us to have joy. Joy brings happiness. Wickedness never was happiness. We cannot have joy without accountability. We must learn the law and apply it to be accountable and have joy.
We hope this information is helpful to you.
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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