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Utilizing U.S. Post Office for Mail Purposes—

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Utilizing U.S. Post Office for Mail Purposes—

Postby Gabriel1 » Wednesday March 7th, 2007 6:09 am MST

Firstly, I am new to Forum and would like to thank the administrator for putting together this new Forum structure and for the Site. I have been drawing from the Team Law site off and on for several years now as it is has been a very painstakingly slow development process for me to take the "traffic markers" provided by Team Law and begin to un-learn and un-ravel all what I think I know and begin to research and investigate and re-build my consciouness and realities. It continues to this day on a more alarming note with the ever continuing web being spun by the Corp US statuatory machine cranking out more and more in the face of one who seeks to inhabit and attorn one's own affairs freely.
My question:
Everyday common life includes communication's, mails, phones, etc.

Post Office Mail: I take notice of the mail format for example in submitting to various Governor elections and I would like to know how do I go about finding the appropriate information to investigate (is it provided in any product within the Order form?) in severing the "privilage" of utilizing Corp US Mail services?


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Site Admin
Site Admin
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Re: Utilizing U.S. Post Office for Mail Purposes

Postby Admin » Tuesday March 13th, 2007 12:50 pm MDT

:h: Gabriel1:
We waited to respond on this point to see if anyone else would chime in on the matter.

We are not so sure that the word you wanted to us was “attorn” in your comment:
Gabriel1 wrote:in the face of one who seeks to inhabit and attorn one's own affairs freely.
We question that use especially do to the meaning of the word:
  1. (Feudal Law) To turn, or transfer homage and service, from one lord to another. This is the act of feudatories, vassals, or tenants, upon the alienation of the estate.
  2. (Modern Law) To agree to become tenant to one to whom reversion has been granted.
In any case the word implies acting under the powers of governance rather than acting in governance over your affairs. We expect your intent was more towards the latter, that being you controlling your own affairs outside of the controls of governance.

We do not recall addressing the matter of mail in any of our training materials directly, though some may address the matter in passing. We have significant experience in the matter and have fought issues in that arena to quite fruitful ends in dealing with the Post Office. However, we rarely do anything in that arena today due to the hassle of constantly educating Postmasters and their errors for their lack of understanding the laws that control their actions both as they relate to the United States Postal Service and separately the Post Office of the United States of America.

We can delve into such matters but the extent of that support is limited to Team Law beneficiary support, which is not available on this open forum. We can tell you the place to start searching is United States Code as far as it regulates the Post Office and the United States Postal Service. In that search you will have to find not only the current code be trace it back to its origin. There are controlling codes that are still fully in effect that are no longer published in the code and that have not been either superseded or amended. With that study accomplished then the next step is to study the current Domestic Mail Manual. That will get you close to understanding likely more than you ever wanted to know about mail services; but, that is also the only way to secure that knowledge for yourself.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

As with all Forum posts, comments made by Admin are:
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Re: Utilizing U.S. Post Office for Mail Purposes

Postby Dallascounty » Thursday December 3rd, 2009 6:29 am MST

Anyone can do this, and everyone should try this. the worse case is the letter gets returned for postage due.
Take an envelope, place a letter inside, put a 2 cent stamp on it, address it to someone "outside of the United States" which means any of the 50 states, and not in Washington D.C., any military base, any federal zone, NO ZIP CODES
Here is an example address:
    Bill Griffith
    3521 Fort Street
    Seattle, Washington
    [zip exempt]
Your return address should not contain a zip code either.
The last thing you need to do is write:
    First Class Non Domestic
    Without Prejudice USC-1-308
    bk.12 Statutes At Large, Chapter 71 § 23, 37th. Congress Session 111
If you use a zip code or 2 letter abbreviated state, It will be returned...
I’ve tried this many times over the past months to trouble shoot it, and it is 100% effective.
I purposefully used zip codes on some, and all were returned, I used 2 letter state abbreviations on some, and all were returned.
For larger packages the rate is 3 cents per 1/2 oz.
Send a letter to your friend today, then tell me this is not true.
Why is this important?
Because, this will prove to many nay-Sayers:
  1. That the zip code makes your address a federal zone;
  2. That the 2 letter abbreviation is a "federal State";
  3. That the post office is a federal corporation and is tricking the average American into using 42 cent stamps, when only a 2 cent stamp is required;
  4. That all 50 states are "without the United States";
  5. That common knowledge of government is often misunderstood; and,
  6. That the "United States" means the "federal Government".
At 12 Stat. 705 § 23, Congress wrote:And be it further enacted, That the rate of postage on all letters not transmitted through the mails of the United States, but delivered through the post-office or its carriers, commonly described as local or drop letters, and not exceeding one half ounce in weight, shall be uniform at two cents, and an additional rate for each half ounce or fraction thereof of additional weight, to be in all cases prepaid by postage stamps affixed to the envelope of such letter, but no extra postage or carrier's fee shall hereafter be charged or collected upon letters delivered by carriers, nor upon letters collected by them for mailing or for delivery

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Re: Utilizing U.S. Post Office for Mail Purposes

Postby Vzeng1 » Thursday December 3rd, 2009 8:40 am MST

Thank you for sharing the law source for the 2 cents mail; I've had it as a to-do item to find the source law supporting this popular claim. Just a minor correction I noticed that you may want to research on your own: There are only 48 republic states, not 50. The Territories of Hawaii and of Alaska are just that: Not states of the United States of America.

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Site Admin
Site Admin
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Re: Utilizing U.S. Post Office for Mail Purposes

Postby Admin » Thursday December 3rd, 2009 11:12 am MST

:h: Dallascounty:
Ok. So again, we are going to first remind you of the purpose for our Open Forum system is: to eliminate e-mail to and from Team Law; as is described in our Forum Rules, which you agreed to follow when you registered your username access to the forum. The idea is, if people can ask us their general questions in our Open Forum, others can read their posts, learn about Team Law and our work to preserve our country and thus eliminate the repetitious need for others to send us similar e-mail; thus, we can disseminate massive amounts of information without repeating ourselves much.

Having stated that, it should be apparent that your post regarding how to use what is actually called “congressional mail” does not fit within that purpose; so, we would normally delete the post and return you a copy of it to inform you of the cause for the deletion. However, in this case we did not delete to post for two reasons:
  1. Team Law has been using congressional mail since its beginning; so, the information you provided is related to a process we have helped our beneficiaries understand far more fully than the information you provided in your post; and,
  2. One of our beneficiaries responded to your post before we got a chance to move it to our private message service.
Accordingly, though most of what we could provide in a response to your post is limited to support information we can only provide to Team Law beneficiaries through resources like our Beneficiary Forum, we felt it necessary to make the following comments regarding your post for our general readers:
  • The first class mail rate you referred to is the original jurisdiction mail rate set by Congress for the United States of America’s constitutionally set Post Office mail.
  • Further review shows the word “Post”, so used, originally referred to ‘military post office’; through which the country’s mail services were originally provided.
  • Accordingly, the laws related to the same only apply to mail delivered by the congressionally set original jurisdiction Post Office.
  • Accordingly, the venue for that service does not include “domestic mail”, which is another way of referring to the corporation created in the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 (Corp. U.S.)
  • The congressionally set rate set for such first class mail is 2¢ per ½ oz. for local delivery (within that post offices local delivery area); and, 3½¢ per ½ oz. for mail outside the local delivery area.
  • Incorrect usage of mail is a crime.
The bottom line: there is a lot more to this matter than what you (Dallascounty) provided and elements of what you provided are incorrect; like:
  1. You incorrectly alleged, “the worse case is the letter gets returned for postage due”; however, if you do it wrong and you are prosecuted for fraud, the worst case is you could go to jail and pay stiff penalties.
  2. The allegation that the 3½¢ rate is for larger packages. It is not. As noted above, that rate is for mail external to the local delivery area where the mail is posted.
  3. Your reference to the meaning of “outside of the United States” is also incorrect as a general rule and can only be made correct if the phrase is found within a particular statutory construct wherein the phrase “United States” is statutorily redefined to have the meaning you suggested; for more information please review The Cardinal Rule of Definitions.
  4. Your reference to the Uniform Commercial Code (hereinafter “U.C.C.”) has no application in any federal venue (which includes all mail matters) because the U.C.C. is purely a corporate state code matter; there is no federal U.C.C. Accordingly, a U.C.C. reservation on mail, such as you provided, will not reserve any prejudice that may apply to you through your improper acts or application of federal law.
  5. Your reference to your “100% effective” trial; does not mean you understand what you are doing or that anyone should follow your path. Quite frankly, that is exactly the kind of thing Team Law continually shows people to avoid like the plague! The point here is people must stop doing things because someone else says it is a good idea. Instead they must first learn the truth from their own firsthand study of the law and the facts and then, only when they understand their course, make their decisions to do what they do from their own self-taught knowledge and experience. In fact, a third party presenter’s personal experience shouldn’t have anything to do with the matter; and promoting such actions is forbidden from our Open Forum system.
  6. You also claimed this is an important issue because you alleged it “will prove” something to “nay-Sayers”. We disagree. Though we recognize the importance of learning the law and applying it, your success in sending mail for 2¢ per ½ oz. proves nothing other than that the mail was not stopped. Some people drop envelopes in the mail reversing the sender/receiver addresses and successfully get the mail delivered to the intended party. That does not mean that the process is either valid or lawful. In fact, that process constitutes fraud and can carry a heavy criminal penalty. The fact that some parties do it repeatedly does not validate the process.
  7. The zip code does not make your “address” a federal zone; however, use of the zip code does provide a federal zone benefit, which invokes federal zone controls in accord with the Buck Act. Thus, you may see this as a distinction without a difference—however, the difference can be made clear with Team Law beneficiary support.
  8. You alleged, “the 2 letter abbreviation is a "federal State"”; however, the abbreviation is not a “federal State”; and, those two letter designations are not even “abbreviations”; rather, they are registered federal zone designators (much like the zip-code).
  9. You incorrectly alleged: “the post office is a federal corporation”; however, the Post Office is constitutionally set as an original jurisdiction government provision. On the other hand, the United States Postal Service is a private organization that has Corp. U.S. federal support as a contracted agency with kiosk style control of the responsibilities for providing the United States of America’s Post Office services. That being noted, the United States Postal Service primarily provides its own set of contracted mail delivery services; much like UPS or Federal Express; except the latter two parcel carriers do not have the privilege of handling Post Office services like the United States Postal Service does.
  10. You alleged United States Postal Service is “tricking the average American”; which is also false. United States Postal Service charges their postal rates for their contracted services, which services have nothing to do with the constitutionally set Post Office’s services.
  11. Vzeng1 scratched the surface of the 50 state issue you alleged and, though that issue is significant, we will not address that here and reserve such discussions for our Beneficiary Forum. Suffice it to say, corporations are not states.
  12. And finally, you incorrectly alleged: “"United States" means the "federal Government"”; again, rather than address this point here we will simply refer you the The Cardinal Rule of Definitions.
From time to time, when we post a correction like this response, the party we are responding to takes offense. We always hope that will not happen because the only reasons we make such direct responses is to provide helpful information in the hope that those that read our responses will discover more truth and will accordingly be empowered. Thus, we allowed this twist to this topical thread to once again help people realize Team Law can help them learn how to learn the law and our history correctly. Dallascounty, you can be commended for taking the initiative to delve into an area of law that affects virtually everyone in our country; however, we also hope, from our response, you can see the elemental difference between what you posted and the reality of using congressional mail. Again, years ago we used that type of mail consistently; even to send everything from mass mailings and Christmas packages to court pleadings. We even successfully withstood challenges from the United States Postal Service Postal Inspector’s Office and began a lawsuit against the United States Postal Service, which they settled (in our favor) before it went very far. Today, we generally use the United States Postal Service’s contract services, at their published rates, because it is simpler to do and the services are more effective and timely provided. For us it was never about the price. The FRNs we use for that service are not money anyway (see Myth 22); so, it really makes no difference to us. For us, we simply raised the issue to compel the United States Postal Service to provide the original jurisdiction Post Office mail requirements because that is part of the responsibility they contracted with Corp. U.S. to perform. Again, we did it because we learned the law and we wanted to apply it. The some of the court trials, we were involved in at the time, dealt with original jurisdiction issues and with personal identity issues where that type of mail handling was required by us. We even got the court to order us to provide our specially marked envelopes and stationary (at their expense) to the court and the opposing party; which they used for all correspondence in the case. It was awesome!

So, please accept our response to your post in the spirit it is intended, which is that of a helping hand; and, in the future please follow the Forum Rules when posting on our Open Forum system.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

As with all Forum posts, comments made by Admin are:
copyrighted—all rights reserved; and, provided here for educational purposes only.

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Re: Utilizing U.S. Post Office for Mail Purposes

Postby Rickoff » Tuesday July 5th, 2011 3:11 pm MDT

I read with interest your above reply to user Dallascounty, especially your #6 notes. As a recently retired United States Postal Service clerk, I can vouch for the facts in #6. First of all, any letters that do have any amount of postage affixed (even just a 1 cent stamp) are by Postal regulations to be delivered to the addressee, instead of returned to the sender. Such letters are marked "Postage Due," and the addressee will receive a notice, in their mailbox, that the letter can be picked up at their local US Postal Service office by going there and paying the postage due. That could be one reason why none of the letters sent by Dallascounty were returned to him. Normally the addressee will pay the postage due fee, although there is no obligation to, and if the addressee refuses to pay then the letter is returned to the sender (or to a "dead letter" department if there is either an insufficient, or non-existing, return address. I believe that I can accurately state that the vast majority of Postal Service clerks, mailhandlers, and letter carriers, know absolutely nothing about the Postal Service's obligation to honor the congressionally set postage rates referred to, and simply act according to what they are trained to do. That training makes no mention of the obligation, even though it should.

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