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Patriot Act, Banks, and Homeland Security?

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Patriot Act, Banks, and Homeland Security?

Postby Boswell1964 » Monday September 8th, 2008 11:50 am MDT

Has anyone else been accused of being a terrorist simply for taking their money out of the crumbling banking/lending system?

When the banks/lending institutions started going bust and we heard on national tv that the FDIC and the Federal Reserve were actually privately owned institutions that had nothing to do with the self proclaimed government of the United States of America, we began gradually taking our money out of the bank. When we were getting to a low balance on our account, the bank tellers started asking where our checks were coming from, who we were receiving cash from, and what we were doing taking their money, which was actually our money, out of their bank. About three weeks ago they told my husband that he need to get a fictictious name for his business or close out his account. They said he fell under the patriat act, homeland security, and was showing signs of being a terrorist because he was taking his money out of the bank. They complained that he was making large deposits, which in actuality were business checks and investment checks, and large withdrawls with no explanation as to where this money was coming from or going towards. Two weeks ago they actually called the police on my husband, had them waiting at the bank when he came to make another withdraw from his account. They were going to arrest him for closing his account at the bank until he explained that the bank told him to close his account. The bank actually accused him of being a terrorist or drug dealer for taking his own money out of the bank.

Has anyone else experienced this situation? Has anyone else been accused of terrorism, placed under the patriot act and homeland security for taking their own money out of the bank?

Just wondering what our options are in a situation like this?

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Re: Patriot Act, Banks, and Homeland Security?

Postby Admin » Saturday September 20th, 2008 6:00 pm MDT

:h: Boswell1964:
We have not heard of anyone having such an experience; and, we imagine two primary components to the matter:
  1. The transactions he was processing were quite large.
  2. He was not keeping more in the account than enough to basically cover the average transaction.
You have to understand the nature of a system such as the one they operate. The banking industry makes its real increase on flow. Thus if the only thing you are doing is providing the system with a leak (you use it merely as a means to cash checks out of the system, you are not playing the game for the same purpose they are in business and they don’t want your business. Thus, kaput!

We hope this information is helpful to you.
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