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Court Order from state attorney general to record birth

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Court Order from state attorney general to record birth

Postby Insideout » Wednesday October 15th, 2008 12:10 am MDT

For better or worse, the birth of one of my children went unrecorded with the state (NJ). The child now wishes to pursue higher education, driver's license, etc. and (I am told) needs a state certified birth certificate to do so. We live in northern Idaho. Our other births were recorded with the states by midwives against our wishes. There was no midwife present at the birthing of this child.

An attempt to record a delayed record of birth has been denied by the NJ Bureau of Vital Statistics due to lack of so-called proper documentation. They will not accept private testimony. We intentionally never had a marriage license or had recorded the births of our children in their respective states. Our children were all home birthed, home schooled, never vaccinated and they have never required the services of a "disease care professional"... never been to a doctor, and although we are Christian, we have not participated in a church. Hence, no baptism certificate. We refused participation in census as well. Hence, no "official" records. (I guess it could be said that we chose minimal participation in the "system" as a form of passive resistance.)

I did acquiesce to my husband on SS numbers for tax (return) reasons. These were obtained many years ago using their homemade birth certificates. When their Papa crossed over 10 years ago, I filed for his SS benefits for the children so I could stay home with them as I always had. (My husband had always railed how he'd never see that money being taken out of his checks.) So, I "proved" our marriage to SS with testimonials, and the children have been receiving benefits since.

I have been told I must acquire a court order from the NJ state attorney general to record the birth and receive a state certified birth certificate for the child. Beyond telling me to get a lawyer, I have not been told how to do this. Queries for legal suggestions to lawyers have gone unanswered. I do not know what to do.

If you were in my place, what would you do? Does this child really have to have a state certified birth certificate to pursue these "adult" activities? Is there another way?

Thank you for your time. Very sincerely, insideout.

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Site Admin
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Re: Court Order from state attorney general to record birth

Postby Admin » Thursday October 16th, 2008 10:41 am MDT

:h: Insideout:
We certainly appreciate the predicament you have expressed. Normally such an inquiry would have been moved to a private message due to its personal nature. We did not move it because there are a lot of people that share this same circumstance and we felt it would be good to have a response posted here; even though, such a response is naturally limited, due to the fact that an in depth answer to your inquiry could only be provided on our Beneficiary Forum or directly to Team Law beneficiaries.

Accordingly, we will provide what we can here. The problem you are facing today is new as of the effects of Homeland Security. Though most states passed acts recognizing the Homeland Security Act as unconstitutional and unenforceable in their respective State, when the feds started to enforce their influence over identification for airline passage, each of the Corp. States made concessions and began requiring things like “legal presence” (which is essentially proven for their purposes with a Social Security card). Thus, Homeland Security has begun to take its toll on living off the grid, if you want any of the services in the commercial system now being forced into our national society.

There are remedies, but they all require the people to:
  1. Do what they are already required to do, learn the law; and,
  2. Apply the law; either,
    1. To enforce their natural rights; or,
    2. To participate in the system while they personally remain outside of the system.
Accordingly, regardless of how anyone wants to proceed with such matters, they must learn the law—which, as we have repeatedly shown, is already required of us all. That is where Team Law can obviously help. That is exactly what we do. We help people learn the law for themselves from their own experience. Again, this is the only way we will win our nation back.

Your situation also proves another point we have been making from the beginning, that being, you cannot simply step out of the system and expect it will leave you free. If you do not take an active part in preserving your Liberty, you will lose it.

The situation you described is one where it should be obvious we all have to take an active role in preserving our nation. There is no such thing available as living off of the grid. It can be done for a short while, but the time you spend there will cause your ability to control the system around you to wither and even die.

Hiring a lawyer to do the job you do not know how to do is also a waste of time and funds. If you hire a lawyer to do what you do not know how to do, how do you know they are doing what they are doing (if anything) right? You cannot. Further, the lawyer is stuck to only being able to do what they can do. They cannot do all you can do. The only way we would proceed is: learn the law for ourselves, from our own experience; then legally and lawfully, do what must be done. Again, Team Law can help.

To do all that is desired in the commercial system and yet not be part of it we would get involved with The Way of Kings™. They set up asset protection systems through which anything anyone may want to do in commerce can be done.

The bottom line: most of what you seem to need to know is simply a matter of learning the true natures of the parties in the relationships with whom you and or your children want to involve yourselves. That will be discovered by following the Standard for Review to learn the relationships within the Corp. U.S. system, then you apply your desires into that system without making yourself part of that system. Again, we can help but only if you are Team Law beneficiaries.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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