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Family Court

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Family Court

Postby Lovethetruth » Wednesday November 11th, 2009 11:59 am MST

Has anyone had experience in civil actions against state/federal agencies such as the child support enforcement? How and why do these agencies have the authority to seize assests and payroll?

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Re: Family Court

Postby Admin » Thursday November 12th, 2009 8:51 am MST

:h: Lovethetruth:
Though the matter you are inquiring after has nothing to do either with Team Law or with Team Law’s services; which subjects are the purpose for this forum, the answer to your inquiry is: “Yes;” several of our beneficiaries have had cases dealing with such agencies.

When you refer to seizures you are also refer to court orders; which when relevant to the topic of child support, typically come from the family court system.

Such courts are civil courts, by nature, and dealing most particularly with contractual relations found in family disputes. Because most cases that come into such reviews come with no written agreements to define the specific nature of the respective marital unions under contest, the judges of those courts are nearly absolute in their authority to dictate the terms of the union as it is seen in the eyes of the State. Thus, the outcome of such court’s ruling is almost purely up to the judge to determine.

Accordingly, like any other court, such a court’s orders are enforceable in law. Therefore if you do not perform in accord with those orders, the orders will be enforced by the court’s constitutionally set authority, even including the seizure of property, which authority is enforced by such agencies after which you inquired. They can also lawfully seize your person for contempt of court if you do not comply.

Accordingly, we must imagine the reason for your inquiry here (on Team Law’s Open Forum system) is a curiosity whether Team Law could help a person going through such a situation. Considering the fact that Team Law is designed to help its beneficiaries learn how to learn the law so they can legally and lawfully apply it to help save our nation, it should be self-evident that the particular subject matter the drives your focus on that learning process does not affect our ability to help you learn how to learn that process correctly. In fact, the topic of your concern that causes you to awaken to the necessity for learning the law and applying it is irrelevant to the outcome; it simply serves as a driver to your progress. Thus, regardless of the particular focus in law any party may have, Team Law can still help them learn how to learn and apply it properly.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
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