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Peaceful Revolution

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Peaceful Revolution

Postby Kealii20 » Tuesday December 29th, 2009 10:59 am MST

This thread, “Subject: Cycle of the Body Politic”, is enjoyable to read. :ro It is fodder for excellent thought and conversation.

Revolution is just as inevitable as the earth’s rotation around the sun. That is why we call them revolutions – they are cyclical. Like ocean tides they come and go with the rise and fall of the passions of men. It is the timing that is not as predictable. Every revolution is an ideological struggle. Whether it turns bloody is determined by the characteristics of the warring factions; i.e. do they deliberately exhaust every peaceful avenue, are they naturally factitious, are their goals for liberation or consolidation; and the level of understanding of things as they are that govern their actions.

But before it can even turn bloody it must win over the minds of the warriors. This we must prevent with all our might! Victor Hugo gives us a great example with Marius and Courfeyrac and their group in Les Miserables. It began as a radical intellectual think tank for college students and through the persuasive speeches of Marius and Courfeyrac it turned into a revolutionary faction fed up with oppression. It was the ideas that led them to action; their minds were convinced and their bodies acted. They were blindly fleeing from pain. And in the end the stronger faction - the corrupt government - won.

Again, first and foremost it is an ideological struggle. Our rule should be when tyranny shows its ugly face, stay the sword and make the pen and the law our grace. The founders and framers sought every possible means to redress their grievances. They wrote letters, appeared in person and appealed at the seat of the King, practiced civil disobedience, sought options through the courts, issued proclamations and appeals to abolish oppressive laws, and when every recourse had been denied then they claimed independence, seceded, and sought to institute new government they thought would best effect their safety and happiness. What qualified this is not that congress “declared” it, but the populace was behind it and understood it. They were sovereign. But that does not remove the necessity of enlightened leadership. If we consider that there were nearly three million people living in the colonies in 1776, most of which could understand the political and economic debates of the day – something probably less than one percent of Americans can do today – and the percentage of those who were in leadership positions or took an active part in sustaining and defending their independence was between three and seven percent we can from this example presume that in order to prevent a devolution into the tyranny anarchy cycle and re-create a new Peace and Prosperity Cycle it takes an enlightened populace and 3%-7% of the populace who are willing to lead the debate, form the ideology, back it with reason, understand the law and apply it. The key variable, however, is that enough of the masses understood the evils and the proper role of government. They did not clamor or petition for doles or largesse’s, run off and join the British military because they were bigger, stronger or paid better. For a people to institute new government at least a majority of the populace must agree and understand what the real evils are, agree they are insufferable, understand how to resolve them and what the proper role is. In other words W.A.R.N.!!!
Even the Peace and Prosperity Cycle revolves. Because free institutions are not self sustaining but require the goodness and virtue of the people who run it, the abundance the freedom creates will breed apathy and generate a crisis where factions again compete for power and control; revolution will again show its ugly face and the nation has to make a choice: either recreate itself, re-establishing peace and prosperity or “devolve” into the Tyranny Anarchy Cycle which is a time "full of war" (tyr-an-os). This does not assume that the Peace and Prosperity Cycle eliminates factions. It just regulates their interaction. They still compete but it does not end in blood; as Jefferson said they are peaceful revolutions.

So what does this mean to us today? Is it possible to revolt against the evils we suffer under? Would it be right if we did in a violent way? Obviously our challenges are different today. We are not separated by a large body of water and three weeks travel; we don’t have the same nationality, language, beliefs, history, or customs; nor do we have unsettled land to which we can flee. Our population is highly uneducated – a very small portion can even read the Federalist Papers let alone understand them; they behave much like the masses during the Roman Empire by clamoring and expecting largess’s from the Government, condoned legal plunder, and were highly specialized in one field. We are trained not educated; and good social cooperation requires both. What, then, is there to revolt against do not think they are in pain? Too many cannot see or interpret the writing on the wall and only a small minority understand things as they are. It is almost an impossibility because the majority, including the media, intelligentsia, and most politicians agree in one that the course of our ship of state is "healthy." We the people cannot yet institute new government because the minds of the people are unprepared. We must W.A.R.N.!!! :study:

Our hope lies in a pre-violent revolution and anarchy renaissance. Our nation needs mental and moral re-birth much like the 19th century American enlightenment. It was preceded by a religious awakening that excited the minds of the people and re-fettered them to God. A Jeffersonian renaissance seems to be the only way we can save the country from slipping back into the tyranny anarchy cycle; it is the only way we can get at least three to seven percent of the population educated enough to understand the law, the great debates, the necessities and requirements of a free populace, and apply it. It’s not enough to have the might to institute new government, you have to know the proper way to do it and know what to do once accomplished.

This can still be a peaceful revolution. The establishment wants us to be violent; they want a Patrick Henry to cry: "To arms, to arms!" But as has been said that would destroy any chance we have of re-seating our original jurisdiction government and reclaiming control of our nation, our land, our rights, and freedom.

Tu ne cede malis, sed et contra audentior ito. — Yield not to misfortunes, but advance all the more boldly against them.

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Re: Peaceful Revolution

Postby Admin » Monday January 11th, 2010 11:42 am MST

:h: Kealii20
We need to note that normally such topics as this one are removed from Team Law’s Open Forum system, simply because they are not related to Team Law or to what we do (see, Forum Rules); however, when our response to such a post may directly relate to the necessities of what Team Law does, we do allow some such posts and even enjoy the opportunity to respond to them to help people learn more about Team Law and how we think about such topics.

In this case, we disagree both with your allegation that revolution is inevitable and with your allegation that the word “revolution” is called revolution because “they are cyclical”. The word “revolution” is not derived from the cyclical word “revolve”; rather it is derived from the word “revolt”; which word comes both from the Middle French word “revolter” and from the Old Italian word, “rivoltare”; which both mean “to overthrow”. Etymologically the word follows after the word “rebel”; which means “go to war”. Thus, the word is not cyclical in its derivation; rather, it is a means to an end.

Your topic then focuses on the potential we have to avert revolution; which also indicates, like us, you believe revolution is avoidable. That was the very point of our response to the topical thread titled: Cycle of the Body Politic. In the Cycle for Freedom shown there, the last point was: “From courage to freedom”. Some people imagine that is the cause for which revolutions take place. We believe our response to that topic shows a far more powerful way; and, we believe your post also addresses that.

You are correct in your understanding that revolutions are born of “ideological struggles” and when such struggles become “insufferable” revolutions can occur. However, such ideological struggles are often caused by ignorance and are just as easily resolved with education. Unlike your example from Les Misérables, where information was passionately presented to foment rebellious action, education of the type we refer causes understanding on all sides, but must begin with the each of the people and be born of their sincere desire to know the truth and learn and apply the law.

Accordingly, it seems you are of the same opinion, for it is just that mindset that causes us to “stay the sword and make the pen and the law our grace.” Of course, before we can reasonable take up the pen and the law, we must learn the law and its history. In doing so, regarding our country’s founding fathers, we discover another common error in the common beliefs of the people; not a single law or statute formed by the Kings or Parliament of Great Britain ever had the effect of law such that it could be lawfully enforced in this land that has become the United States of America. The War of Independence (the British people called it the “Revolutionary War”) was fought against Great Britain for their rebellion against the laws of this land. It was Great Britain that was in revolt, not the people of the states that were forced to unite against Great Britain’s tyranny. Thus, the United States of America was of necessity formed by the free self-governing independently sovereign people that populated this land. The King of Great Britain was not their King—he owned no land here; though through war power he was attempting to take it back. And, as you noted, the people did attempt to reason with him to preserve their rights, but he attacked—and the war began.

Thus, again we must contest, except as it relates to their contracted debts, they did not secede from Great Britain, because, they were never part of Great Britain or under its governing authority.

It has also been estimated that only about 1% of the people openly stood against Great Britain’s tyranny, though many more were compelled by the War to fight for their liberty. Thus, your estimation of the people that understand the truth today is about that same percentage. However, though 1% to 10% of the people of our country today may believe they understand the truth, the reality is virtually all of the people have fallen prey to The Seduction; and, are now on the verge of losing it all.

Our response to that also stands common with your remark acknowledging that the solution rests in “understanding the law and applying it” (emphasis added).

Thus, the incredible need for a resource like Team Law.

You are also correct in your summation that the people must be a righteous people to learn the truth and avoid rebellion. Without such a people, the same problem remains that cause the students to revolt in Les Misérables. They are motivated into rebellion by their passions; but have neither the foresight nor the knowledge of the facts or of the law to see them through.

You also referred to ‘instituting a new government’, but there is no point in that when we are not applying the Constitutional Republic for of government we already have. Our government work very well, it simply cannot function with an ignorant populace. Again the people must awaken and learn the law first, then apply it.

You correctly noted that “the 19th century American enlightenment…was preceded by a religious awakening that excited the minds of the people and re-fettered them to God.” We found it interesting that you referenced, “A Jeffersonian renaissance”, following that statement because so many people today imply that he was an atheist. Nothing could possible be further from the truth. He was most certainly a devout follower of Christ; however, he was not one to follow the religions of the day finding them all lacking. Instead he was a self-taught student; both of law and of religion. Accordingly, we again found your comments on the topic refreshing.

We agree, “the only way we can save the country…is…to…educate” the people “enough to understand the law…and apply it.” No new form of government is needed; rather, we all need to learn the law and apply the government we already have; of the people, by the people and for the people.

“Of the people” means, we the people provided our government with the privilege of using a small portion of our collective sovereign authority to operate our Constitutional Republic in accord with the terms of our Constitution; so, it could interrelate with and even control relations with other governments.

“By the people” means, we the people control and operate the government ourselves; which means we must each know the law for ourselves in order to maintain the capacity to control the government.

“For the people” means, the purpose for the formation of the government is to serve us, “the people”.

Much of the knowledge necessary for these matters has been lost by the people failing to take the necessary active part; which is the very reasons such cycles exist. However, the only thing necessary to remedy that problem is self-education. Again, that is the very purpose for Team Law. We help people learn how to learn the law through self-education. The process is simple. Our nation’s and world’s current situations are creating the motivation that is causing people to awaken to the need and accordingly, we ask people to spread the word about Team Law.

As people come to us they discover there is a way; together we can save our nation, our families and ourselves. Team Law can help—it is all we do.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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