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Marriage License

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Marriage License

Postby Sbarker2008 » Friday January 15th, 2010 4:26 pm MST

My fiance and I are planning on getting married this year but we are having a problem finding some one willing to marry us without a marriage license. I was raised with the understanding that marriage was a vow before God, not state and I don't understand why so many pastors/preists are unwilling to perform a marriage without a license. Do you have any idea who might be willing to perform a wedding without a marriage license?

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Re: Marriage License

Postby Admin » Tuesday January 19th, 2010 2:25 am MST

:h: Sbarker2008:
Team Law beneficiaries learn the Standard for Review provides you with the means for understanding any relationship.

Accordingly, as you follow the Standard for Review, you will notice man (mankind) received his authority from his Creator when man was given dominion, agency and possession; which are the three elements that define sovereignty. Thereafter, man formed governments by granting government a collective portion of that sovereignty such that the government could function in accord with its creation. In the United States of America, the people so formed our Constitutional Republic through our constitutions (state, federal and corporate).

Accordingly, your expressed understanding of marriage vows is correct, so far as it goes. We have already elsewhere acknowledged the biblical provision for marriage between a man and a woman consists of two things:
  1. Agreement between the spouses to be; and,
  2. Consent of the father of the bride.
The scripture also provides that everything God does (and or seals) lasts forever; thus, given the scriptural provision that God married Adam and Eve, Abraham and his wife and provided priesthood authority for others (like Moses and Joseph) being so sealed together in marriage; accordingly, that authority must also exist and is respectively available to mankind if the party performing the marriage has the proper authority from God.

To delve into the matter further would require beneficiary support; however, we have elsewhere provided the following insights as basic elements regarding such controls:
  1. All lawful authority must have an original lawful source.
    1. Man gets sovereign authority from his Creator.
    2. Man forms government and provides it authority to function in accord with its lawful creation.
    3. Accordingly, man cannot lawfully grant government authority that man does not lawfully possess.
  2. Government cannot lawfully possess any authority it does not receive from a lawful source.
  3. The only lawful sources of authority available to government are:
    1. The government’s Creator (man).
    2. Those the government lawfully contracts with.
  4. Any presumption of authority acquired by any other means remains unlawful.
Accordingly, if a pastor, priest or other party professes their authority to marry comes from the state’s license, then that profession admits the state is their source for that authority. In other words, that admission qualifies their authority to so minister comes from the state and not from God.

To further review authority as it relates to that issue we ask people several questions; the first is: “Do I, without your consent, have the authority to tell you who, when, where, how and or whether you can marry; or to limit you to the conditions and affects of such a marriage?”
The answer: “No, I do not.”

Second question: “Do you, without my consent, have the authority to so control me in any such marital situation?”
The answer: “No, you do not.”

Third question: “Can you and I lawfully join together and collectively use our respective authorities to form any lawful authority to so control any other person, absent their consent, in any such marital situation?”
Again, the answer is: “No, we cannot.”

Accordingly, it is resolved that we (people) do not possess the authority necessary to lawfully grant such an authority to government.

Accordingly, the only way government could possibly acquire the lawful authority to so control a man’s, and or a woman’s, right to marry would be by a contract with those that want such a control. Thus, marriage licenses cannot be lawfully mandatory; except, in accord with the terms and conditions of a binding lawful agreement (consent) between the applicants and the issuer. As that matter respectively relates to any minister that may perform a marriage in accord with such a license, that contractual limitation must also rest as the limited authority for that minister to so marry. Respectively all such marriages (regardless of the terms of the vows) are bound by man’s authority to marry and all such vows must accordingly be limited to the mortal lives of those so bound—that is to say, “Till death do they part.” Accordingly, no such marriages can possibly be so bound in accord with God’s authority to bind the same forever; which provides volumes of factual evidence against the authority of any such minister so limited to any corporate state’s licensing provisions.

Finally, we look to the allegation that such a minister is vested with authority to marry in accord with such a license; and respectively ask:
  1. What event took place wherein the minister formally acquired, or was vested with, the State’s presupposed authority to marry?
  2. If no such event ever took place, how does the license “vest” the minister with such authority?
Again, to help you understand the effect of the answers to these last questions and or to otherwise help you learn how to understand how you can accomplish your desire without a license requires Team Law beneficiary support; so, we are respectively bound to reserve further support on this issue to Team Law beneficiaries.

Accordingly, we hope this information we provided here is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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