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Individual mandate

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Individual mandate

Postby Reepotomac » Monday January 18th, 2010 4:19 pm MST

Do you guys think the health care mandate in unconstutional? (I'm not convinced it is). Since many mainstream politicians and attorneys general are promising lawsuits, do you see this as an opportunity to inform them about the truth of the situation? i.e. Corp US and unlimited authority in DC.

Mountain Goat
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Re: Individual mandate

Postby Mountain Goat » Monday January 18th, 2010 10:33 pm MST

I think the whole bill is unconstitutional. The bill holds everything in it from wills and powers of attorney to orders to end treatment (die).
If this doesn't scream that we need to take our country back, then nothing will.

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Site Admin
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Re: Individual mandate

Postby Admin » Tuesday January 19th, 2010 4:20 am MST

:h: Reepotomac:
In our response to the Subject: Marriage License, we began with some critical elements regarding authority; which are:
    Team Law beneficiaries learn the Standard for Review provides you with the means for understanding any relationship.

    Accordingly, as you follow the Standard for Review, you will notice man (mankind) received his authority from his Creator when man was given dominion, agency and possession; which are the three elements that define sovereignty.

    Thereafter, man formed governments by granting government a collective portion of that sovereignty such that the government could function in accord with its creation. In the United States of America, the people so formed our Constitutional Republic through our constitutions (state, federal and its corporate).
We followed that with the following prerequisite limitations that fall upon all applications of authority:
    1. All lawful authority must have an original lawful source.
      1. Man gets sovereign authority from his Creator.
      2. Man forms government and provides it authority to function in accord with its lawful creation.
      3. Accordingly, man cannot lawfully grant government authority that man does not lawfully possess.
    2. Government cannot lawfully possess any authority it does not receive from a lawful source.
    3. The only lawful sources of authority available to government are:
      1. The government’s Creator (man).
      2. Those the government lawfully contracts with.
    4. Any presumption of authority acquired by any other means remains unlawful.
Accordingly, we then applied those basic facts to the concept of whether a state can lawfully require marriage licenses. If we do the same here with regard to the allegation that Corp. U.S. can lawfully pass such a health insurance law, we will discover that no such authority can possibly lawfully exist in our Constitutional Republic.

So, let’s apply the Standard for Review to check it out:
To review authority as it relates to the respective public health care bills as they passed Corp. U.S.’ House of Representatives and Senate we ask several questions; the first is: “Do I, without your consent, have the authority to dictate to you with whom, when, where, how and or whether you must care for your health; or to limit you to the timing, conditions, cost and affects of such care; and or to compel you to pay for such dictates even by forcefully removing funds from the resources you control (bank accounts, etc.)?”
The answer: “No, I do not.”

Second question: “Do you, without my consent, have the authority to so control me in any such manner?”
That answer must obviously be: “No, you do not.”

Third question: “Can you and I lawfully join together and collectively use our respective authorities to form any lawful authority to so control any other person, absent their consent, in any such manner?”
Again, the answer is: “No, we cannot.”

Accordingly, it is resolved that we (the people) do not possess the authority necessary to lawfully grant such an authority to government.

Accordingly, the only way government could possibly acquire the lawful authority to so control the people would be by a contract with those that want such a control.

The Standard for Review also shows the contractual relationship already in place (in most situations) between the people and Corp. U.S. is the relationship created by the Social Security Administration (hereinafter “SSA”). Our Contracts, Trusts and the Corporation Sole article and the points of Prerequisite Knowledge provided on our presentation of Myth 22 provide the evidence necessary to prove the relationship the SSA creates is that of a Trust; which trust hold the social security card in trust along with all of the other assets that may thereafter be acquired by such trusts as the people use them to respectively generate resources (see The Seduction).

Thus, with these facts accounted for, the only lawful way Corp. U.S. (or even our actual original jurisdiction government) could possibly acquire the authority to require the things those Congressional Acts presuppose the authority over is through a respective applicable contract. Thus, with the Social Security Administration created trusts already contractually in place, can those trusts be lawfully used to compel such controls over the physical bodies of the people so lending their consciousness and physical capacity to those trusts?

The answer is: “No; to do so would violate trust law, which limits the trust’s creator or beneficiary from threatening the trustee as the trustee performs their responsibilities in the trust."

Finally, the allegation under which the powers of governance alleges they promote such acts is under the Article 1 provision to ‘provide for the general welfare of the people’; however the Constitution has no such provision. The provision the Constitution does provide is the requirement of the government to “promote the general welfare” not “provide for”, “promote." In fact, the Constitution for the United States of America does not provide a single power to government to control the people. Thus, any statute that presupposes any such authority exists in government is extra constitutional and can only lawfully acquire such authority through the direct consent of the people on a per individual application basis.

Therefore, such congressional acts are both unconstitutional and unlawful either to the people or to the trusts created by the SSA.

So, what is the remedy to prevent such atrocious bills from seeing the light of day? Learn the law and learn to apply it and then apply it; all of which constitutes the very purpose for which Team Law was created. We can help and Mountain Goat was correct; this again stands as evidence of the necessity for our restoring our original jurisdiction government even as Team Law has shown how to do.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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