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Colorado Allodial Title

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Colorado Allodial Title

Postby Crschance » Friday January 22nd, 2010 2:18 pm MST

I would like to ask, with your favor, a question regarding Corp. Colorado. How has the track record been for those stating Sovereignty and divorcing the Corp. of Colorado? I was wondering if certain Corp. States put more difficulties in place than others, such as Texas vs. Oregon for example. Where does Corp. Colorado stand in difficulties with Allodial Title establishment? Are there currant Sovereign citizens in Colorado? Do those that are Sovereign, have Allodial Title here in Colorado? Have they established and taken these stands in Colorado recently?

I am just looking for some local encouragement and knowledge of the kind of fight and roadblocks that seem to occur for our specific State.

I am currently in receipt of the certified/original Land Patent and Platte. I am working on the Chain of Titles as we speak. We do not owe on our Land and House. I am interested in our water well and information I may not know about. I am very exited to take a stand for my family and our brothers and sisters in Christ as we move forward in claiming our Sovereignty as Human Beings and Sovereign Lands. I am really looking forward to being a beneficiary. This is so productive for all of us and I know I have something to contribute to take a stand for all of us.

Thank You, Chance

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Site Admin
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Re: Colorado Allodial Title

Postby Admin » Monday January 25th, 2010 10:46 pm MST

:h: Chance:
Quite frankly we are surprised that some of our beneficiaries that watch our forum and regularly respond to inquiries didn’t respond to this inquiry over the weekend. We are surprised because several of the presuppositions in your inquiry are already revealed on our Patriot Mythology page.

For example: your inquiry presupposes “Sovereignty” as a quality that is either possessed by a limited number of Coloradans or that some having that quality have cause to ‘divorce’ themselves from “Corp. of Colorado”.

To resolve the first presupposition we suggest you read Myth 6 regarding sovereignty.

We expect that article also resolved the second presupposition for you. If it didn’t let’s put that one into a proper perspective; the fact remains, every man or woman that reaches the age and ability of adult accountability is sovereign. Therefore, if they have any bind to Corporate Colorado, such a bond is contractual and getting out of such contractual relations is a matter of simply discovering what the terms of the contract are and following them for their resolve.

Also, that discovery will demonstrate that Corporate Colorado virtually never enters into such contractual relationships with people. Therefore, the sovereign people are not related to Corporate Colorado in any relationship (contractual or otherwise such that they would have any cause for a “divorce”. Thus, that portion of your inquiry makes no sense to us.

In Corporate Colorado, the process for terminating relationships with the corporate state is a fairly simple one; though, most people that discover the actual working relationship with the corporate state is easily managed and allows for control of the corporate state, which is a nice element to keep available. Such control does not infringe upon or limit the man’s sovereign rights or abilities at all.

For that matter the same applies to most people throughout the country. Accordingly, we suggest that you might want to read Myth 22 and make sure that you read and study out the seven points of Prerequisite Knowledge provided within that myth’s presentation. After that you may also want to read The Seduction.

Establishing Allodial title in most states is the normal process for acquiring real estate. Thus, we suggest you may want to read our Land 101 article to learn what allodial title is. For now we will let it suffice to say that Allodial Title and Fee Simple Title are exactly the same thing. Still, Team Law beneficiaries learn how to hold title in a far more powerful manner.

The nature of your questions indicates that you have been studying from Patriot Mythology from predatory marketers. Thus, we suggest that instead of trusting in what anyone says about the topics you have inquired after, study our history and law from their sources. That is exactly what Team Law is all about. Instead of telling you what to do or giving you our opinion about such matters, we prefer to direct you to discovering the facts for yourself so you can learn how to learn about these topics from their factual source. In other words, we help people learn how to learn law from the source so you can learn to use it and apply it. Accordingly, we thank you for your support and look forward to working with you in the future.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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