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Postby TFTrader » Wednesday March 3rd, 2010 4:26 pm MST

Thank you Team Law for providing a great reference list as a place to start research. From other "patriots" I have never seen them provide anything in facts and some will even say you won't find this written anywhere. Sounds like wishful thinking they're doing. In some posts I saw mention of accounts in the media of what you are doing here with OJ seatings etc. I've been unable to find anything, could you please create a page on your homepage with links or copies of articles that were published?

I live in the geographic area commonly called Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm wondering if Team Law has anyone in this area that's able to speak with me? Or if anyone else on this board is from Nova Scotia and has success with conducting their live and business properly? I am very new to this, however, I am keen to learn and apply what can be proven. Tyvm.

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Re: Canada

Postby Admin » Thursday March 4th, 2010 11:49 am MST

:h: TFTrader:
You’re welcome.
As you noted the so-called “Patriot Community” of publishers typically provide popular theories limitedly supported by alleged facts as the basis for what they present as remedial solutions to the problems of our day; however, such solutions neither solve nor remove the problems their followers face. If the proposed method provides any relief at all, the follower merely mimics the promoter’s proposed process while remaining ignorant of the actual facts and laws related to the situation.

We got into this situation when the people failed to learn the law from their own study and experience, then instead trusted others (presupposed as government) to tell them what to do. Thus, if what they were told to do seemed reasonable or was not too painful or costly up-front, they followed that path to provide themselves with the necessities of that day.

Said publishers present their wares in the exact same manner, which proliferates the problem—thus, the people remain ignorant with no real solution.

Team Law addresses the problem from a totally different perspective:
  1. We recognize the problems are caused by people doing what they are told while they remain ignorant (their only real background for understanding the problems they face is presupposed by what they had been told in the past combined with the experiences they are having today).
  2. The only way to truly solve the problems is to:
    1. Awaken the people to learn the truth about their situations by learning the facts of their history and law.
    2. Then apply the law to return control over their government and their lives to them.
Accordingly, we most often provide links to The Seduction and Myth 22; so, people will begin to develop a foundation for their learning experience; so, they can open that door.

We track our work toward reseating our original jurisdiction government in the United States of America on our Governor’s Corner page. However, that does not address any similar situations as they may apply in other countries of the world.

Still, the way we are solving our situation here applies to everyone throughout the world; so long as you remember, the pattern we are following is the Standard for Review, which led us through proper application of the law to our reseating process. In other places, the application of the law will most certainly be different; however, the learning process followed (Standard for Review) to discover the proper application will remain the same.

You also asked about Team Law beneficiaries in your area; however, Team Law cannot share such information to our privacy requirements. As a Team Law beneficiary you would have the ability to review the general location information provided in the forum’s Member list; but, that information is limited to State/Providence name. Regardless of that, due to the nature of the worldwide internet web and telephone services all of Team Law’s services are available to all Team Law beneficiaries with access to those tools. Further, when Team Law began the internet was not available and our service worked fine using the phone and other delivery services.

You have to remember two things about our service:
  1. Team Law is a self-help educational organization—we help our beneficiaries learn how to learn the law, its language and history and how to apply it.
  2. We do not do your work for you. Thus, you learn firsthand from your own study and work.
Those two facts make it easy for people to utilize Team Law’s services directly regardless of where you are or of whether there are an Team Law beneficiaries anywhere near your location (State or Providence).

Though local study groups can be of significant benefit, they are not necessary and can also hinder one’s progress. The problem they pose is people again remaining reliant on others to form their understanding or opinions. We must eliminate that crutch! So long as people rely on others opinions or understanding they will remain lost and unable to properly learn and or apply the law.

The bottom line: each and every one of us must awaken to the necessity of personally learning and applying the law from our own individual study and application. Whether we do it or not will not change the necessary obligation; it will however dictate the outcome of our path to freedom.

It will forever remain impossible to obey, honor, sustain, comply with or apply the law if you do not know what the law is and how to apply it. If you do not do your own study, you cannot know the law; you will be limited to simply trust in some other person’s opinion of what the law is. The people will never be able to control the government that exercises their individual sovereign will if those people do not know the law.

Therefore, it should be obvious, the way Team Law continues to promote the necessity of our path proves itself as the only logical and proven path to Freedom, Liberty and Life. And, we welcome your support and participation with us.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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