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Professional Certifications

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Professional Certifications

Postby Ickeykerr » Tuesday March 23rd, 2010 8:50 pm MDT

What is your opinion of professional certifications? Are certain rights given up when practicing with a certification? I am looking to obtain a CPA license, but somehow feel it implies certain limitations as far as what financial advise I can offer.

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Re: Professional Certifications

Postby Admin » Sunday March 28th, 2010 11:10 am MDT

:h: Ickeykerr:
Though everyone has opinions, the only opinion that really matters to any of us is our own—for that is the only opinion that actually causes any of us to avoid or take any action.

We may place value on others opinions; which value we determine from many factors. However, in the end, unless we have personally studied a matter following the Standard for Review firsthand, we will not have the wherewithal to make proper decisions. The bottom line: because we will personally be responsible, and accountable, for our own decisions we must make them based upon a proper sound foundation. Such a foundation can only be developed properly through firsthand study following the Standard for Review. These facts are even at the core of our publication regarding advise.

Accordingly, when you get right down to it, acting on the opinions and or advice is the immoral pattern at the base of the old adage: “Good intentions pave the way to hell.”

A review of the reasons we find ourselves in the predicaments of our time proves this point. Look at what most people think of as their government and notice how it got where it is today. This last week was full of the news about the new health care Act from Corp. U.S.’ Congress. President Obama signed the Act into “Law” and immediately 17 distinctive State Attorneys General filed, or began the process for filing actions in the Supreme Court against the Act; and, Congress responded by fomenting amendments to the Act to make it more palatable. The bottom line: the Act is unconstitutional because Congress cannot lawfully execute any authority the people did not grant government in the Constitution. So it follows that if the people do not possess the power themselves, they cannot grant it to the government; neither can government grant it to Corp. U.S.; thus, said Congress does not possess the authority to even entertain such an Act ant the people ought to be bringing Quo Warranto actions against all of those congressmen who spent time designing and voting for such an Abomination in law.

You asked for our “opinion of professional certifications”; and, in essence, we responded that such opinions have no merit to anyone other than ourselves. However, if we turn to the law and its history, following said Standard for Review, we will discover that I have no authority to control your actions outside of my own private domain. Likewise, you have no authority to control my actions outside of your own private domain. And respectively, we cannot get together and collectively create authority to control others actions outside of our own respective private domains. Therefore, we, the People, do not possess sufficient authority to collectively grant government that which we do not individually possess. Further, in the constitutions not only did we forbid government from interfering with our own private contracts, we also reserved to ourselves all rights and powers not specifically granted to government in the Constitution.

Thus, our opinion regarding professional licenses and certifications is irrelevant in the face of the facts provided in the law.

Some people have questioned the constitutionality of such licensing practices to no avail, but the problem with such pursuits in the past is those proposing the challenges failed to notice the reality of their position when they presented the constitutional questions. They failed to recognize that the party getting the license was actually a registered taxpayer (see The Seduction and Myth 22). Thus, their challenges followed the path of failing to acknowledge that in that capacity they could be required to have such a license and any other party that wanted to voluntarily apply for such a license lawfully could; thus, the respective laws passed the constitutional challenges as they were presented.

But, that does not change the fact that the people do not possess authority to compel licenses upon other people—thus, they do not possess the authority to grant such a power to government.

Proponents of such licensing and certification controls want government to have that kind of power; so, they justify it by expressing the presupposed benefits of it.

However, if we look at the health care industry, which is fraught with such governmental controls in every aspect of the industry we find that 20 years ago over 80% of the costs of health care went to expenses in that industry that support such governmental controls; and, it has only gotten worse since then. The incredibly high cost of health care is a direct result of such controls.

Accordingly, if we were to follow the law and simply remove all such controls, not only would health care be affordable to almost everyone, but the cost of governance would be substantially reduced!

The bottom line: because the law itself speaks, if we will but learn and apply it, we will leave it up to you to imagine our opinion regarding such matters.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

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and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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