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Court cases for review

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Court cases for review

Postby Ceadda » Wednesday May 12th, 2010 5:46 pm MDT

Has anyone on this forum including the "beneficiary" forum used any of the training materials purchased from Team Law or otherwise and been successful in any documented court cases? And if so would they provide where the case document may be obtained. This question of course excludes the Trustee.

regards to all

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Site Admin
Site Admin
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Re: Court cases for review

Postby Admin » Thursday May 13th, 2010 11:10 am MDT

:h: Ceadda:
Quite frankly, Team Law is opposed to posts such as the post with which you started this topical thread; your inquiry even asks people to provide case documentation, which is against our Forum Rules; and, if they were to honor that request would violate their agreement with Team Law. However, from time to time we allow such an inquiry to pass through so people can again see why we oppose such inquiries.

It is a simple matter really: America is in the situation it is in today for one primary reason:

The people are ignorant of the law;
accordingly, while remaining ignorant of the law,
they base their actions on what they are told to do or
upon what they see others do.

To break that pattern, the people must awaken to several facts of life:
  1. The people cannot remain ignorant and maintain their freedom.
  2. You are required to know every law that applies to you.
  3. It is impossible to obey, honor, sustain or comply with any law that you do not know.
  4. Ignorance is never an excuse for not complying with any applicable law.
  5. If a thing exists as a result of your authority (uses your authority to exercise its authority), you are responsible for its use of that authority; accordingly, you are responsible to regulate its use of your authority.
    1. Government, is just such a thing.
    2. Government exists because the people form it;
    3. Therefore, the people must control it in accord with the law.
    4. To control government the people must learn the law!
  6. Our Constitutional Republic form of government provides no authority to government to control the people; rather, it reserves the right of the people to control the government.
  7. The only way to save our nation it for the people to awaken to these facts; They must:
    1. Learn the law;
    2. They must learn it from their own firsthand experience studying the law itself; and,
    3. They must apply the law to lawfully control the government.
That is the very reason Team Law exists.

We can see only one reason for such a post as the one that started this topical thread:
You want someone to stand up and say, “It works.”
However, that would simply be a testimonial from someone that had learned the law and applied it. We are opposed to testimonials regarding the kind of work Team Law does because they tend to sway people into taking actions based upon someone else’s experience instead of you doing your own work and proving it for yourself.

People most often ask for such testimonials when they do not understand what Team Law is or what we do. Team Law is simply an educational organization the does what it can to inspire people to self-educate. Before he joined Team Law, one fellow put it like this:
A non-beneficiary observer once wrote:Team Law is and educational organization that does not educate.
What he meant was, he wanted us to teach him the law, but we don't teach the law. Instead, we help people learn how to learn the law through self-education; so, they can study the law firsthand and learn it from their own experience. As they apply themselves studying the law itself, we help them make sure they are understanding what they learn correctly with live reviews of their progress when they call our Trustee and with editorial document reviews of the documents they create; wherein the law student learns by example how to properly use language and form to apply the law and generate proper legal instruments to apply the law for themselves. We never give advice; and we never do your work for you. With Team Law, you learn what to do by studying the law itself.

Thus, in essence your inquiry asks whether learning the law firsthand for yourself works. Essentially, that is asking two questions:
  1. Does the law work?
      Our answer is: “It does”; and, the evidence that proves it does is the law itself along with the court reporters that show how it has been successfully applied in the courts.
  2. Can you learn it?
      Only you can answer that question. And, the only way you can actually answer that question is by studying the law itself for yourself, which is exactly what Team Law helps people do.
The bottom line: we already addressed the matter of testimonials in a rather lengthy (but in our opinion useless) topical thread. We are not going to entertain that topic again (beyond what we have heretofore stated).

We also expect no one give you what your inquiry asks; not because they cannot, but because in doing so, they would be doing no one any service; doing so may do you a disservice if you were to ignorantly rely on their success; and because in doing so they would expose their private lives to your scrutiny needlessly—that is to say, it is none of your business.

Again, our opinion is, the inquiry itself has no merit; because when you understand what Team Law does the question you are actually asking is: “Can you learn the law and apply it?” And, you are the only person that can answer that question.

Some people might take a response such as this as adversarial; however, our intent in providing this response is quite the opposite.

Our intent in this response is to point out the fact that the only way we can save our nation and or ourselves in it is the people must awaken and learn and apply the law.

Thus, each one of us must do just that. We must start studying, learning and applying the law. We at Team Law simply do our best to help you awaken to that fact and then help you learn how to do just that: “Learn the law firsthand from your own experience so you can properly apply it.”

Thus, what we do is totally customized to your path in that study. We also suggest that such a study will not be successful if you do not follow the Standard for Review as you study.

Though no testimonial about how well anyone else did in court is going to be allowed on this forum (that information would not help you in any way), we are certain that some people may desire the opportunity express their appreciation for their experiences using Team Law’s services. That kind of a response to your inquiry is welcome; as are any responses wherein anyone wants to express thanks to Team Law for a job well done.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

As with all Forum posts, comments made by Admin are:
copyrighted—all rights reserved; and, provided here for educational purposes only.

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Re: Court cases for review

Postby Ceadda » Thursday May 13th, 2010 10:37 pm MDT

Admin wrote:The people are ignorant of the law
I would agree. If there is no review of court cases then how is one to better thyself?
Quoting an observer, Admin wrote:Team Law is and educational organization that does not educate.
OK... "the fellow" is insane and ignorant. What the heck are you talking about?

Why then would one want to buy training materials when "Team law" does not educate? More riddles?

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Re: Court cases for review

Postby Infinitcell » Friday May 14th, 2010 5:54 am MDT

Team Law helps people to learn how to do their own research. Having someone look up court cases for you will circumvent your learning of looking up court cases.

The law does not come from court cases alone. Actually, court cases reflect the opinions of a particular judge, or set of judges, which opinions are reversible; Thus, court cases are not the strongest reflection of law.

Law also includes treaties, legislation, contracts and other things.

Sure, Team Law does educate; But, how it educates may not be how you internally define education. As inferred from the content of your two posts, it appears that what you mean by the word eduction is someone that hands information to you which you desire.

"Education" in the Corp. US/Corp. State/Corp. Municipality schools typically refers to the process of distributing information to its students without much, if any, attention to the fostering of understanding the true nature of said, or any, information; expecting the simple regurgitation of said information on their quizzes and tests.

Regurgitating court cases in courts may have some limited effect, but if one does not understand the case, the law behind it and how to research all of the elements and parties involved in that case, the judge or opposing side may/will use your lack of understanding against you.

So, it is more important to learn the foundations of what law is; Once that is done, the rest becomes elementary.

We are in a situation where we need to find some court cases in which Team Law beneficiaries have been involved; Even though we are a Beneficiary of Team Law, we will do our own work on that. We understand that doing our own work is elemental to succeeding in law. We will go about it by searching some US district court cases using a few key words. But, even if such cases did not exist, there would be a way to do what we needed to do.

Even though people have accomplished certain things in the past, ultimately what others have done in the past is not important. What is important is what we can do right now with our inherent abilities and resources. When we know and uphold the law, we can accomplish what is rightfully ours to accomplish. Even if not one single case existed regarding the matter, it would not matter. We would simply have to use the law to get what we needed to get done, done. Someone has to be the first. And, even if someone has a position contrary to previous rulings, that contrary position can still prevail in law, if indeed there is a solid case and it is pleaded properly.

We are very happy with Team Law's services. What others have done in the past is not important to us. What matters to us is learning and upholding the law.

Thanks for your careful consideration,

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Site Admin
Site Admin
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Re: Court cases for review

Postby Admin » Friday May 14th, 2010 3:50 pm MDT

:h: Ceadda:
Though Infinitcell’s response already address your inquiry quite well, we add the following:
Ceadda wrote:If there is no review of court cases then how is one to better thyself?
Reviewing court cases will not provide anyone with the ability to better themselves; though such a review may give you some ideas about how various laws and policies were applied in those cases. At best, studying law from that purview is a backward approach to the right way to study law.

Infinitcell accurately noted: “The law does not come from court cases alone”; however, in reality, that which is called, “case law”, is not actually law at all. It is merely the judicial opinion of the effect of law as it is combined with the application of statutory provisions. For that reason it often changes over time and in accord with additional court opinions as relevant cases come before the courts. That is exactly why Team Law provided its Standard for Review as a guide to help anyone studying law find the proper way to learn the law—that being by understanding its source and its history; without which you cannot possibly gain a proper understanding of the law.

The law itself has a significant foundation that must be learned if man is to gain a proper working understanding of the law and that foundation never changes. That foundation is mankind’s Creator and our Creator’s Law.

Your question asks: ‘How we are to better ourselves?’ The answer is: “We better ourselves by learning who we are and learning the law from its foundation, then by applying the law.” To gain the benefit of the answer we must apply the law. To apply the law you must first know the law and it is virtually impossible to know the law except through your own firsthand study, understanding and application.

Thus, rather than spoon feeding people the facts and telling them what to do, Team Law helps inspire people to start learning the law from their own experience and study. Thus, the education found at Team Law does not come from Team Law; rather, it comes from the people themselves as they study with us—they educate themselves. We help them make sure that they learn it correctly.

Again, to better yourself you have to compare how well you are living in accord with the law of your Creator. If you find you are not living in accord with that law, you can improve yourself by repenting of your errors and or omissions. None of us are excused from that responsibility, yet we were also granted the agency to choose. However, if we are not living in accord with that foundation, we will not have the capacity to either learn the law or apply it.

Once we are on our way securing that foundation we will have a good chance of understanding the foundation of man’s law; which is the very sovereignty that was granted to us by our Creator. He gave us dominion, agency and possession (the three elements that define sovereignty). As sovereign people we get together and form governments to which we grant the limited privilege of authority to help us watch over our stewardships and possessions as we form our local societies. Still we cannot grant to them power or authority we do not possess; thus, all of man’s laws are based upon the laws of our Creator. Anything beyond that cannot be lawful.

Infinitcell also indicated that law can also come from treaties, legislation, contracts and other things; which is also correct; and which, is also controlled by the authority man received from his Creator. Thus, the Standard for Review is an elemental necessity to properly studying the law so that you can have the hope of understanding it.

So, one might notice that through all of that you are the one that must learn each element of that foundation as it applies to you; and, again ask: “So, what does Team Law do?”

To answer that question we will take your last couple of question as an example and from it hope to show you so you can understand what we do:
Ceadda wrote:What the heck are you talking about?
Why then would one want to buy training materials when "Team law" does not educate?
More riddles?
First, we help our beneficiaries learn to focus attention on their current language patterns and understanding of the law so they can see the effect their words are having on what they want to accomplish. For example if we look at the words you used in those questions, last quoted. Notice the first question:
What the heck are you talking about?
However, that question was not made to relate to anything we “said” (as in talking); rather, you inquired after something that we wrote in our written response to your initial inquiry. Such a simple subtlety may seem inconsequential here but when studying law, such words and phrases can be critical. We were not talking, we were writing. Such a difference is the same as the difference between “saying” and “doing”.

We actually wrote a topic on our forum addressing the next question you asked, it is found at the following link: Training Materials. The problem with most peoples’ study of the law is their past history of spoon fed education. That is exactly why so few people actually follow through with their education far enough to get to a doctorate degree—there are no spoon feeders at that level. At that level (almost for the first time), you are expected to become the expert; so, you have to do your own study on your own.

Team Law is like that. At our level of education, you have to learn on your own and we help you learn how to learn to do what you must do to make your self-education functional. In the doctoral program you publish a paper to qualify for the degree. In real life you have to act by using the law to preserve your life, liberty, property and to control the government that acts in accord with your authority. No one can do that for you. Spoon feeding you will not work.

Obviously, you do not need us to make it through that process; however, doing it on your own proves itself almost impossible unless you follow the pattern we help people learn how to follow. Even then, the chances of success on your own are slim. Team Law simply helps you avoid the pitfalls along the way by learning how to get it right the first time.

The bottom line: to win this battle to save our country (and ourselves) we have to work together; but working together can only be done right if we all know the law and can each individually apply it correctly and consistently.

We understand that from time to time, when people want something (they do not have that others have a right to), they think those that have it should just give it to them, without any cost. However, in this case the thing that we have cannot be given; it can only be earned through directed study of the source law, its history and language. Studying what any Team Law beneficiary has done will not give you what you desire. Even if you had it you would not understand it unless you had studied what they did and had their experiences in that process. Thus, it cannot be given to you because you do not have the support, which is reserved to Team Law beneficiaries.

We hope by writing you this response we have not wasted our time. Time is too precious to waste. Our intent is to unravel what you were still conceiving as a riddle. We do not understand what riddle you referred to in your last question. Our hope in presenting all of the work we have provided over the internet is to unravel the riddles with which the people are surrounded and to provide them with hope that they can in fact learn how to learn to be free if they will but take up the responsibility they already have of learning the law firsthand from their own study of the law itself.

No training materials can do that for you. Again, the purpose of our Training Materials is not to provide you with a bunch of fancy tricks to do to win in court or do some other thing. Rather they are designed and provided to help you see how to apply the Standard for Review so that you can learn the law and apply it to your personal situations; whatever they may be.

Thus, the education that Team Law provides is, we help you learn how to learn to educate yourself. Thus, though we do not teach you the law, we help you learn how to learn it correctly and so your become educated in the law and in its proper application.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

As with all Forum posts, comments made by Admin are:
copyrighted—all rights reserved; and, provided here for educational purposes only.

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