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'Call to Action, Phase III'

Learn how to:
Compel Congress to return to Honor with the Constitution!

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'Call to Action, Phase III'

Postby Admin » Thursday January 16th, 2014 11:38 am MST

Call to Action!
Phase III — Operation Clean Sweep

Inspire as many people as possible to review this message!
For questions or contact see the bottom of this page.

When officers of government violate the law, exceed the authority provided through the Constitution or fail to follow their primary responsibilities to the people, it falls to the people to hold those officers accountable. However, the people generally seem to have no idea how they can possibly accomplish that necessary task to keep government operating within the limitations prescribed by the Constitution.

Respectively, we hope this article will help every American understand how to exercise that most important obligation to hold such officers accountable to the limitations of the law and inspire you to learn and use the law of Quo Warranto to save our nation (click on the blue underlined linked text to learn more about Quo Warranto).

Respectively, given that the Constitution requires that no person other than “a natural born Citizen” can ever be lawfully seated as President, when Barrack Øbama was allegedly elected to, and seated in, that office, two factors became self-evident:
  1. Given that the only condition wherein the natural birth of a person defines their citizenship is that condition where both parents are citizens of the same country; thus, by definition, “a natural born Citizen of the United States” can only be born of a mother and a father both of whom are citizens of the United States.
    • Wherefore, because Barrack Øbama’s father was never a United States citizen, Barrack Øbama cannot lawfully qualify for the office of President of the United States; and,
  2. Given that Congress seated President Øbama, each member of Congress violated at least two of the Constitution’s mandates:
    1. they failed to vet the President Elect’s qualification to serve prior to seating a President; and,
    2. they seated Barrack Øbama as President even though he cannot possibly lawfully qualify for the office.
Thus, the people’s right to demand “Proof of authority!” through Quo Warranto applies to each member of Congress for both of those violations.
Now, remember this: a Writ of Quo Warranto only allows one remedy in law for such a failure — oustal from office. Therefore, it is time for the people to timely hold Congress accountable!

To that end, Phase III timing is incredibly critical!!!
To make a “clean sweep” of Congress, the congressmen still in office, that were in office when President Øbama was so seated, must be charged with Quo Warranto! Therefore, you, the people from each Congressional District must individually raise those charges!
The sooner the better—time is of the essence.
The more people that act as soon as they receive this message, the better the Clean Sweep effect.

The beauty of such actions is the people’s individual right to compel the government to provide proof of authority (by requesting a Writ of Quo Warranto) is protected by the 9th Article of Amendment of the United States Constitution, etc.. Respectively, such actions are brought in accord with the laws of the State; not, D.C. rules! And, that means that, in accord with State law, if the AG does not accept the responsibility for bringing the respective actions, then the parties across the nation that request the same automatically possess the authority (should they choose to exercise it) of proceeding in the case as special prosecutors for the AG\'s Office with the full authority of the AG\'s office to so prosecute their respective case. Due to the nature of the Quo Warranto action in law, there is nothing the AG, or the Court, can do to lawfully impede that process.

However, you can rest assured that no one in the “government” will do anything to remedy the woes the people face in America today—they will only make things worse! If you haven’t noticed; they seem hell bent on destroying the economy and usurping dictatorial control over every aspect of life in America; even if it takes civil war! Therefore, if you want to save the nation and its economy from war while you keep food on the table and fuel in the tanks, it is up to you to act—by using the law to hold Congress accountable!

Because, all authority in government collectively comes from the individual people; and, ultimately, It remains the obligation of the individual people to learn and apply their inherent rights [through the proper application of law] to compel the errant officers to prove their authority for their actions; especially when the government fails to lawfully manage itself and stay within the bounds of our Constitution’s Law. The bottom line, it is up to you, the individual, to use the law of Quo Warranto to demand (through the AG) that the government provide a Writ of Quo Warranto for each such violator that was charged with authority from you—which violators are the Congressmen representing the Congressional District where you live.

There is no time to wait; therefore, do your part:
  1. Prepare your Request:
    We have provided an automated (Microsoft Word) sample letter patterned after successful requests others have made as an example you can use to prepare your own letter to send to the U.S. Attorney General (Loretta E. Lynch), requesting that the Attorney General institutes a Quo Warranto action against each of the members of Congress from the congressional district where you live.
    To prepare your request you must remember to at least change all of the yellow highlighted text in said sample letter to the appropriate information related to the specific Congressional District and Federal District Court in your area;
    Respectfully, you will need to:
    1. Find your Members of Congress here; and,
    2. Find your District Court here; then,
    3. Download and open the (Microsoft Word) file: Sample Letter;
    4. If you opened the sample letter in Microsoft Word and it does not automatically open pop-up a window asking for “your name”, etc., then you can automate the sample letter in Microsoft Word by:
      1. Selecting the whole document [ctrl+A];
      2. Then, press [F9]; and, answer the questions in the pop-up windows;
      3. Then remove the yellow highlights from the letter.
  2. Send your Request:
    Send your prepared 'Request for Quo Warranto' letter to the U.S. Attorney General (Loretta E. Lynch).
    Use the following combined methods of delivery to send your Request for a Quo Warranto Action to the Attorney General:
    1. Most importantly, send a physical letter by certified mail with return receipt requested (see: content notarized mail [Notice: you must be a registered forum user to view the content notarized mail page]);
        You will need to be registered on our Open Forum to access the content notarized mail instruction page and/or to send private messages to Admin.
    2. Then, Fax your letter to the Attorney General [with Cover Sheet] at: (301) 341-0779.
  3. Then, Report your action:
    1. Send Admin a private message telling us what Congressional District you referenced in your Quo Warranto request letter to the AG; again, you will need to be registered on our Open Forum to use the private message system.
    2. Include an attached copy of the Content Notarized Mail Evidence, that shows you completed the request;
    3. The bottom line: we need your feedback so we can know how well Operation Clean Sweep is working.
  4. Spread the word:
    1. Comit to inspiring at least five other people to do the same!
    2. Follow us on Twitter and refer others to do the same; and/or,
    3. Like us on Facebook; share Team Law’s comments on your wall and refer others to do the same; and/or,
    4. Refer people to this article on our forum; the way we like to do that is by simply directing people to TeamLaw.net and telling them to follow the “Call to Action” link in the headline of the article on that page;
    5. Copy this Sample e-mail message and send it as e-mail to everyone with whom you regularly communicate via e-mail.

This may be the most important thing that has happened in our lifetimes! Never before have the following key elements existed:
  1. A private people controlled social networking system that spans the globe in mere moments giving the people the power to unite on a cause virtually instantaneously;
  2. A man that is not a natural born Citizen was seated as the President of the United States in clear violation of the Constitutions mandate that Congress can never allow such a thing to happen; and,
  3. Respectively, every member of Congress is subject to removal from office via a Writ of Quo Warranto.
Of course, such a social network automatically becomes the place where people vent their frustration with just about everything you can think of; and, that means the opportunity to help people unite as they learn how to remedy such frustrations is available to us all—right now!

So, let’s get together and do it—follow the steps provided above. Act now, support this Call to Action.

For Questions or Contact:
If you have any questions or you want to know more about this effort feel free to:
  1. Join us for our daily Conference Call;
  2. Post them on our “Comments re: “Call to Action” Phase 3” page;
  3. Click the following link to contact Team Law’s Trustee via private message and let him know of your interest; or,
  4. Use the information found on the “Contacting Team Law” page to call us.

Please note: throughout Team Law’s forum system, underlined blue text is linked to related content—for example:if you click on the following blue underlined text: Contact Team Law, a new browser tab will open related to that link.
Remember, to share this Call to Action with everyone you know; and, if for some reason you can\'t file an action against your congressmen, send donations to support our work to support those that can.
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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copyrighted—all rights reserved; and, provided here for educational purposes only.

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