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Land Patent sandwich

The mystery of Land Patents unveiled.

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Land Patent sandwich

Postby Hksimmons » Monday July 6th, 2009 4:04 pm MDT

Once I have established the land patent sandwich. I then send this to the county clerks of which the property is held. Are they obligated to record this document and if so, what will this recording be under my name or will it remain in the name of the original party to the land patent.

Best Regards,hksimmons

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Re: Land Patent sandwich

Postby Admin » Friday July 31st, 2009 12:20 pm MDT

:h: Hksimmons:
The nature of your request is personal; therefore, it should have been posted as a private message to Admin or by otherwise Contacting Team Law instead of as post in the Open Forum system.

Normally we delete such posts and respond to the deleted post with a private message, wherein we would also respond to the intent of the message. However, in this case we allowed your inquiry to remain here for two reasons:
  1. From time to time we have people ask questions similar to yours and providing an Open Forum response may help people resolve such issues before they come up.
  2. Some people may wonder about such matters before they begin the process and providing that here may be helpful to them as well.
So, we left your post here and we respond with the following:
    Each Land Patent Sandwich we compile and deliver comes with a cover letter that describes how we would use the Land Patent Sandwich if it were ours. The cover letter describes the most efficient way to record such documents with the county recorder. Wherefore, that cover letter should answer your question sufficiently to accomplish the task effectively. The purpose of that cover letter is to help you educate yourself to understand why recording is necessary and how the recording will secure your relationship with the land patent. Thus, if you read the cover letter, understand it and accordingly, apply what you learn, the question you asked here should be resolved.

    If you read the letter and need help understanding what it provided, you should call Team Law for help with that; we cannot provide that level of support except through a phone call.

    If you are a Team Law beneficiary, you have our full support with such matters. If you are not, we can only provide you the support necessary to understand the purpose for the Land Patent Sandwich and said cover letter.
    Hksimmons wrote:I then send this to the county clerks of which the property is held.
    We have no idea what that sentence means. We understand all of the words in that sentence; we simply do not understand the sentence. We imagine you meant something like, “I then send this to the county clerk for the County where the property is located.” If our imagined understanding of your intent is, correct; we can move on to your question related to that, where you asked:
    Hksimmons wrote:Are they obligated to record this document?
    Again, if you follow the information provided in said cover letter, you should already understand the answer to that question. Of course, the answer to that question is more completely found in the statutes or rules controlling the County Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

    If your question stems from an attempt to understand the whole process of using our Land Patent Sandwich before you actuall send for one, the details of our Land Patent Sandwich are found in our Steps to secure a Land Patent: article. That article also provides a link to the Land 101 article in the hope of helping people learn what land patents are all about and of eliminating the mythological notions that the land patent somehow eliminates obligations related to mortgages and or property taxes. The hoped for outcome is that people will come away from those articles understanding the land patent is simply the Title to the Land.
We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

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