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New York Colony Patent: Large Doc Size Creates Problems—

The mystery of Land Patents unveiled.

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New York Colony Patent: Large Doc Size Creates Problems—

Postby Vzeng1 » Friday July 31st, 2009 2:39 pm MDT

I've not seen this issue addressed anywhere on this forum, so I'm hoping this posting will benefit others who may have run into this issue and have a solution.

The land patent that encompasses the land of my homestead is a handwritten two-page document consisting of large (25"x30") pages. Its not the sort of thing you can put on the copy machine and access to viewing the Patent is restricted. Apparently, according to New York State Library of Manuscripts I'm the first person EVER to request a certified copy of this Patent. Obtaining a certified copy therefore is not straight forward. The Archivist handling the situation stated understandably that she has no way to reproduce the original on equivalent sized paper. Plus, if she reduces the image to the largest available paper size she does have, the Patent is unreadable. To my surprise she decided to take a digital image of the acutal patent and burn the original image to a CD-R. Now,for 90 FRNs lighter, (two copies of everything) I'm stuck wondering how bad Admin will laugh at me when I send in my land patent paperwork consisting of a CD-R disk containing 150MB of TIFF files and a original embossed cover letter from the Archivist stating words to the effect that the CD-R annexed here with label XXXX contains a digital image TIFF file which is a reproduction of the original presently stored in the NYS Archives.

I have since gone to Kinkos and printed the files out on equivalent size paper, uncertified of course, and for another $20, I have some very nice copies of the original landpatent and surveys.
For another $20 bucks, the Archivist will agree that if I bring her the paper copies, she'd be happy to certify my paper copies to the original. Since the paper copy is so huge anyway, even folded to be small, I wonder how I would even file such a thing in a county recorder's office. Any suggestions on how to proceed is appreciated so I can move on obtaining my land patent sandwich.

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Site Admin
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Re: New York Colony Patent: Large Doc Size Creates Problems

Postby Admin » Friday July 31st, 2009 3:52 pm MDT

:h: Vzeng1:
Please be aware that your post should have been posted on the Beneficiary Forum instead of here—however, because you post has been here a while and does not go into too many support issues we chose to leave it here for all to see.

Awesome and you did it correctly. In fact, that is exactly what we would have done in the same situation.
However, we would never fold such a document! Folding the document has the potential to irrecoverably change it and thus, eliminate the document’s value.

When sending such a copy you only need to send the disk with the annexed certification.
Because the document is a famous historical document certified copies are often not required because the words are now a matter of historical record. The only time the original or a certified record of such nature would be required is if there ever developed a contest as to the original words, then the certified copy becomes necessary. We resolve that by securing originals and or certified copies.

We have got to say, cool story; we always appreciate people demonstrating their pursuit of such things to their proper end. If everyone in our country would develop that kind of ethic, our country would not be in danger today. If they will take your example and develop that kind of ethic, no power on earth could possibly stop the people from peacefully and prosperously restoring our Constitutional Republic.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

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and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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Re: New York Colony Patent: Large Doc Size Creates Problems

Postby Vzeng1 » Monday August 3rd, 2009 4:48 pm MDT

Thanks so much, Admin, for responding to my post and for your kind words. Regarding the proper place to post... we will follow that in the future.

As you know, in New York it is a battle to get to the root of the source law, and this particular effort has been exhausting!

Regards and Blessings, Tim.

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