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patent moved by resurvey...original location ownership?

The mystery of Land Patents unveiled.

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patent moved by resurvey...original location ownership?

Postby Jak+99 » Monday September 28th, 2009 8:03 am MDT

I possess some land owned from 1971 and some from 1995, on the original location of 2 patents (1925 and 1937) that are now surrounded by California wilderness on a state highway. The resurvey in the 1970's enabled some descendants, etc to sell their portions at the new locations and some at the old. BLM claims 320 acres of the 560 because the they are presumed to be now in 'wilderness' at the original patent location. One of the homesteads I own blocks BLM to the 320 acres unless they take another route over wilderness land. The two patents meshed physically like two pieces on a puzzle but parcels on the new survey cover the old preventing the consolidation of the patents in the original location. Can the 220 acres at both old and new locations owned by me exert any influence over 320 acres? Does the easement to the 320 acres through the homestead enable the homestead owner to use the 320 acres? The 320 0f 560 acre original patent was for livestock production.

If it matters, there are no residents on the 1925 patents new location. There are 4 resident on the 1925 patents original location. There are 2 residents on the original location of the 1937 patent, one of which has been there for 40 years and this is the patent that is contiguous with the 320 acre parcel claimed by BLM.

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Re: patent moved by resurvey...original location ownership?

Postby Admin » Monday September 28th, 2009 9:48 am MDT

:h: Jak+99:
Three points:
  1. The nature of your inquiry deals with a private matter; therefore, it should not have been posted here in the Open Forum; rather, it should have been posted as a private message to Admin;
  2. However, even if the post had been posted as a private message to Admin, we do not have sufficient information from your post to provide a reasonable response; and,
  3. If we did, the technical level of support necessary to provide you with understanding of the matter requires Team Law beneficiary support; so we cannot provide that support to anyone other than a Team Law beneficiary.
Accordingly, though we would be pleased to help you with your inquiry; we are barred from that support by the conditions of your inquiry. And we wonder if you understand Team Law’s purpose; which is to preserve our country by helping people learn the law, its history and language through their own experience (self-education); so, they can apply it.

Thus, the way Team Law would help you resolve your inquiry would be by showing you how to learn how to find and understand the records that prove the ownership rights you have and their effect on the land and the people related to the same. Thus, you would have your answer and you would know that answer was correct and could properly defend that Title in any circumstance or venue related to the same.

You might also want to know more about how you can take advantage of such support.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
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