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I want to help my Brother

Contracts, Trusts & the corporation sole; what they are & how they relate with one another.

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I want to help my Brother

Postby MrPositive » Monday November 21st, 2005 2:52 pm MST

Hello Team Law,

Several years ago, my brother started working for a friend of his in a consulting business. To the best of my knowledge today, my brother is an employee. BT, owner of the business, helps political candidates run their campaigns for various state and local offices.

About 2 years ago, BT was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. My brother, in addition to his work responsibilities, has also taken on the responsibilities of caregiver to BT as his physical condition has deteriorated significantly in the last 6 - 8 months. Recently, doctors having exhausted all treatment protocols, have given BT 4 to 6 weeks to live.

So, to the issue at hand. BT is willing his house (there is a mortgage) and the business to my brother. While this is a gesture of deep gratitude, I believe the reality of this is my brother will now be saddled with a debt and a drastically altered job situation once BT has passed on. BT, not my brother, is the one with the "political mind" and "reputation" that makes this business a success.

My thoughts are that it would be a better situation for my brother if he were a trustee of these assets, instead of having them willed directly to him. With BT's rapidly deteriorating condition, I believe time is short.

If you were to find yourself facing a similar situation, what would be your approach?

Thanks in advance for any educational guidance you might be able to provide here.



Mr. Positive

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Re: I want to help my Brother

Postby Admin » Monday December 5th, 2005 6:31 pm MST

:h: MrPositive,

We are saddened to hear about your brother’s employer. We read a statistic from a reliable source the other day that said over half of the deaths in America today are at the cause of Cancer. We found that amazing and we would point anyone with such a problem to The Way of Kings™. They are putting together a new page on health and they certainly have some great information on what’s necessary to restore health to our minds and bodies. Meanwhile, for anyone interested, Dr. Lorraine Day has some wonderful help that is right on point for getting the body back to perfect health. It worked for us.

As to the situation that is leaving your brother with: we do not understand it and without more specific details it is not likely that we will. Further, this Open Forum is not the place for such personal details as might be necessary to help him learn how to properly prepare for the proceeds of the will you mentioned. A private message would be in order to learn more about the situation. Considering that the solution to his situation will likely entail the creation of a business structure, we would suggest that you or he might want to privately contact The Way of Kings™ Image because that is exactly what they do.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

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