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Cracking the Code?

Contracts, Trusts & the corporation sole; what they are & how they relate with one another.

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Cracking the Code?

Postby Guest » Thursday August 25th, 2005 1:45 pm MDT

I thank you for the informative response you provided in the topic "Owning a business".

I would like to know if Team Law finds the research and conclusions of Mr. Pete Hendericksen, author of Cracking the Code, concerning the nature of the Internal Revenue Code and its relation to private sector workers to have a sound basis in law?

I am not asking in an effort to seek endorsement of Mr. Hendericksen, but more along the idea of bringing an awareness of like-minded efforts.

I feel his efforts to understand some of the "issues" pertaining to the "income" tax have a similar approach used by Team Law in pursuit of the truth - he turns to the law.


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Re: Internal Revenue Code and private sector workers

Postby Admin » Thursday August 25th, 2005 8:14 pm MDT

:h: CS,

We welcome your anonymous inquiry and before we respond on point, we invite you to register as a member of our Open Forum because that will give you more ability to communicate with us here and with our private message service. Registration is easy. All you do is click the Register link in the menu at the top right of the Open Forum page, then follow what comes up on your screen. At the bottom of that form please remember to select [Submit]. Registration can be completely anonymous if you like, so feel free to register. The private communication system on our Open Forum is far more secure than e-mail and eliminates spam. Private messages on our Open Forum are not accessible to anyone other than the sender and their selected receiver so this is truly a far better option than e-mail.

Now on to our response: As we stated before, we do not want our Open Forum to become a place where people surf the web to find other’s work and then bring it back to us to demystify or qualify it. Our purpose in our Open Forum is to help us eliminate e-mail and inform people about Team Law. That necessarily includes understanding the history of law and government in our country as it applies to restoring original jurisdiction government.

Though reviewing Pete’s book does not fit within that purpose we have had many requests to voice our opinion regarding many different books. Again, though we find we have work enough to do in awakening the people to save our Country and its Constitution from hanging by a thread without reviewing other’s work, books or otherwise, we have been known to give a response that seems to be the same for each of these books we have been requested to give opinions of; therefore, if we respond to your question here for Peter’s book, perhaps others will see by their own reviews of other books that the response applies to almost all of them.

Again, as in most such situations our understanding of the facts related to the matter do not imply anything regarding the character of the author of such books (unless we specifically state some character related comment).

First, we have read Peter Hendrickson’s book in its entirety. Addressing the claim Peter purports in the book we note: the nature of the direct exchange of services for their value is in IRS forms called a, “Claim of Right”. We have helped people understand such claims for over 12 years now. Such claims rarely, if ever, have anything to do with what is actually happening in most relations with IRS and the accounts they collect. To understand what others have discovered is actually going on in such relationships, you may go back to title article in our Open Forum topic Contracts, Trusts & the Corp. Sole and apply the standard of review and what you learn there to the relationships between the man and what Social Security Administration created. If you are a Team Law beneficiary you can read our review of such relationship on our Team Law Beneficiary Private Forum topic Social Security Administration created Trusts.

Remembering that, let’s look at three things most books on such subject matters do that cause them to loose credibility:
  1. The author practices frivolous if not slanderous name calling;
  2. The author uses definitions out of context; and,
  3. The author omits or treats known elements of history with lip service and fails to apply them to the facts of their review—thus rendering their factual review into a fictional story.
Though Peter only minimally abused the second problem he missed the mark on the other two entirely.

For example:
In the book Peter makes statements like the following:
Peter Hendrickson wrote:forward, page iii, last paragraph,
“Plainly stated, the “income” tax scheme is an utterly corrupt and corrosive fraud feeding an ever-more insatiable appetite of a swollen cadre of politically astute private interests and their camp-followers by way of a deliberate campaign of disinformation, intimidation and cunning.”
There may be a fairly large body of people that believe this statement is true. Nevertheless, such beliefs do not make the statement true. The simple fact is, when you are writing a treatise on law you must realize that if you allege fraud you must prove fraud. And, if one is to make such a statement then it is becoming upon them to prove it before the end of the book. Peter didn’t. Personally we think Peter gives most of those in administration over the IRS too much credit in the balance of that statement. We are aware of what may be provable as fraud in some of what IRS does; but, Peter never even remotely addresses a single issue of such and he never proves fraud with what he does address. Peter’s lack of evidence of fraud is largely apparent because of the third point shown above. Like most tax protesters, Peter went wrong two ways:
  1. He failed to recognize Corp. U.S. is a private foreign corporation not the government of the United States of America; and,
  2. He presumed that people are being taxed directly as taxpayers, which is almost never the case.
The first error is not an uncommon one. Edward Griffin missed it in his well researched and well written book, Creature from Jekyll Island. Missing that one premise makes an otherwise excellent historical review into fiction based on facts. Ed since learned about Corp. U.S. and related that he accordingly needed to rewrite the book. Dr. Eugene Schroder missed the same point in his excellent researched War and Emergency Powers book. We highly valued the research and reporting of all of these books: Ed’s, Gene’s and Peter’s; however, our appreciation did not improve upon their fact based fictional nature.

To resolve his error Peter would need to go back to the foundational premise and notice:
  1. Who the United States Government is (a private foreign corporation, not our government); and,
  2. What relationship Social Security Administration creates when it distributes Social Security Cards to the taxpayers.
  3. Who those taxpayers are in reality as is apparent from the facts in each relationship.
Peter missed those points entirely, which renders his otherwise factual based book into a fiction.

The Bottom Line: we enjoyed Peter’s fictional book immensely because we know the truth and the errors did not dissuade us from our reading. Peter’s book plainly showed the logic behind the application of the Constitution to the tax code and showed that it limits the code from applying directly to the gross receipts from a “man’s” exchange of his labor for its value. But, that is not what IRS is generally doing. Peter got a lot right on the nose regarding some of the code; however, he then applied it incorrectly to establish meaning where there was none available. Could his premise work to get refunds? From his reports, it has, repeatedly. Does that make it right? No. Why would the states and IRS agree to give such refunds if the premise was not right? That is impossible to say without knowing the mind of the one that authorized the payment. The best possible cause for that would be Pete’s allegation that it is because the evidence indicates they need to unless they want to reveal what is really going on—but, the truth is, if the tax code is incomprehensible, then even the tax collectors are not aware of the truth; they are just doing what they are told to, like almost everyone else.

What is the danger in using Pete’s method if IRS and other tax collecting agencies are willing to return overpaid taxes using the premise? It establishes a fiction that ignores the true nature of the relationship, which is apparent from the facts—that being, the tax code is incomprehensible. Pete’s method gives credibility to Corp. U.S. as if it were government, which it is not. We expect such posturing will ultimately result in either:
  1. IRS stops handling such claims without a fight and shuts off that path; or,
  2. Corp. U.S. eliminates IRS (who is already easy to overcome with the truth) in exchange for a much more abusive excise tax (sales tax) system which could cut the thread our Country and Constitution are hanging by and turn this nation into yet another third world Communistic Regime controlled by global interests.
Either way, the problem should be self-apparent, the method Pete Presents implies that Corp. U.S. is your government and you are the named and numbered taxpayer they are attempting to collect from. To understand the truth we refer you to Team Law’s presentation of Myth 22.
Anonymous wrote:I feel his efforts to understand some of the "issues" pertaining to the "income" tax have a similar approach used by Team Law in pursuit of the truth - he turns to the law.
We agree. We found that quite refreshing in Peter’s book; although from this review we also hope you can see that if a person fails to follow the Standard for Review referred to above, following the law when you do not understand the environmental relationship of the parties involved can lead you on a false course ending with total fiction that appears real in every way and binds you in a worse situation than you were in to begin with. That is where he again fails in the application of what he obviously discovered—why give service to the Myth when you have already discovered it is not true.

Though, our critical review might make it seem like we did not like the book, nothing could be further from the truth. We liked it; then again, we already know the truth so the fictional nature of the book does not keep us from understanding elements in it that can be properly applied. We would also like to applaud Peter for his apparent research and a job well done in compiling the book. It is the best book we have seen on that subject matter. We know what it takes to go through the work necessary to publish a book; even more, we understand the difficulty in writing well enough to keep the reader interested enough to complete the book. Peter accomplished all of that quite well. We appreciate his work and the spirit it takes in a man to stand up and be counted.

As to the errors and fictional nature, Peter has honorably updated errors he discovered, made in earlier printings and we expect that means when Peter learns the truth he will also make the appropriate adjustments. His writing gives us that impression. We hope it is an accurate impression.

Finally, we ask people to stop asking us to review others work in our Open Forum. That is not our purpose. There is far too much work for us to do to accomplish what we must to save our Country and Constitution from hanging by a thread.

Further, if you want to know how to deal with the incomprehensible Tax code properly we suggest you might learn how Team Law would do it, which was presented in this topical thread: Tax Time — What should we do?

We hope this information is helpful to you; if you find it so. Please tell your friends about Team Law! :t^:
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Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

As with all Forum posts, comments made by Admin are:
copyrighted—all rights reserved; and, provided here for educational purposes only.


Postby Guest » Friday August 26th, 2005 10:51 am MDT

I want to convey my appreciation of your work and the openness of your forums. I did not mean to force the issue of reviewing another's work, but thanks for doing the review - there is so much content on the internet that only scratches the surface of what Team Law has already reviewed and discovered, it’s hard to sift through it all.

I know you've heard it a hundred times by those visiting your website, but I am convinced Team Law provides the only credible means to learn the truth about the law and reseat our government to bring us back in accord with our inheritance given by our heavenly father. I will express it with a donation. Until then, my sincere thanks for the example you are.


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Site Admin
Site Admin
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Postby Admin » Friday August 26th, 2005 11:48 am MDT

:h: CS,

Thank you for your gracious comments. We always appreciate such comments. Our work is quite thankless in that for the most part people have no idea how much work we have already done and how much work there is yet to do to save our Country and its Constitution from hanging by a thread.

Regarding your comment:
CS wrote:Team Law provides the only credible means to learn the truth about the law and reseat our government to bring us back in accord with our inheritance given by our heavenly father.
We thank you for that comment; however, you give us too much credit on that one. The best source for discovering the truth is its source. We credit the Godhead of this earth as the one source for knowing the truth of all things and hope in man’s yearning to discover the truth they will first turn to their Creator for guidance and awaken to the truth. When it comes to law, the actual written law combined with its historical relevance is the best source; however, as you may have noted from the examples of the books written about law and history as reviewed above, the difficulty is starting right.
A most wise man once said:
If we start right, it is easy to go right all the time; but if we start wrong, we may go wrong, and it be a hard matter to get right.
The difficulty in law is getting a correct start. That is why we go back to the beginning and study all relationships from their origin, then we review the environment of the relationship, and only then do the specific terms of the relationship have any bearing. The terms of the relationship is where law come in; and, as is apparent it is easy to get a wrong start. That is where Team Law comes in. We help people get back on track—with a proper start our beneficiaries learn for themselves how the law works and how to stay on track. With us they learn how to apply what they learn properly. Again, that is why we always win.

We appreciate the rare pat on the back for our work—even more we appreciate hearing from people that heard about us from someone else. That is the key ingredient to spreading the work—word-of-mouth spreading across the nation—people awakening to the truth that has been right before them their whole lives; only they could not see it because of what they were taught. The amazing thing is: what they were taught does not fit the observable facts and the facts speak for themselves to blow away the fiction in what they were taught.

We appreciate all of the support we get. More than that, when you (and all that review our site) discover the truth and Team Law’s work to save our Country and its Constitution from hanging by a thread, we hope you will get involved and reach out to your friends, family and contacts and tell everyone about Team Law. That is the most important part of awakening the nation—spreading the word.

We hope this information is helpful to you; if you find it so. Please tell everyone about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

As with all Forum posts, comments made by Admin are:
copyrighted—all rights reserved; and, provided here for educational purposes only.

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Book review

Postby Hugh » Tuesday November 8th, 2005 5:06 pm MST

I too am grateful that you took the extraordinary time and effort to post the review within this topic. For someone who is just discovering Team Law and still in the evaluative process it is exceedingly important. It is an apt demonstration of your abilities and credibilities, and again, I thank you.

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