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Definition of Natural Born Citizen

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Definition of Natural Born Citizen

Postby KingWm » Wednesday August 14th, 2013 12:43 pm MDT

I have searched the forum for "natural born citizen" looking for information on its definition. On the Call to Action Phase III page:
Admin wrote:Zane Grey’s had timely filed a Quo Warranto contesting President Elect Barrack Obama election was not lawful because he was not a natural born Citizen (his father was not a citizen as is required by law); and

Admin wrote:By the way, a natural born Citizen is defined as: “One who was born of parents both of whom are Citizens of the United States.”

I have had the understanding that a natural born citizen is "One who was born of parents both of whom are Citizens of the United States" as Admin states. I have also read that only one parent needs to be a citizen and many other definitions as well. It occurred to me that I have not researched (the law) this issue for myself, and that it may be a good idea to do so, not only because of Obama's eligibility issue, but because it appears Ted Cruz is positioning himself for a run at the office of president in the next election cycle.

Can some one please provide information on where I may find the relevant law which establishes the definition of a "natural born citizen"? I have searched the forums for clues, the internet at large, as well as looked in Black's Law and Bouvier's Law dictionaries. So far, I have found much conflicting information and opinion and I would like some direction on where to look for the information.

Thx, KingWm

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Re: Definition of Natural Born Citizen

Postby Admin » Thursday August 15th, 2013 10:05 pm MDT

:h: KingWm:
First, read the Constitution and notice that within the authority granted to the Senate is the authority to enforce “the Law of Nations”; which (according to the Supreme Court) is a book written written by Vattel; also, because of that constitutional reference, the Supreme Court has repeatedly turned to Vattel for the proper definition of words and phrases used in but not specifically defined in the Constitution. From the beginning of this Constitutional Republic, that book was well recognized as the best source for the Law of Nations. You may also read the laws of the other nations with whom the founders of our Constitutional Republic associated and you will find that they all recognize that a “natural born Citizen” is that which is described exquisitely well in Vattel’s said book. Then, read Team Law’s new Home Page; and, when you get to the phrase “natural born citizens” in blue text (linked text), follow that link. It will give you a pdf image of the page where the description of qualifications of a natural born Citizen is found. The following pages of that book even clarify the matter further.

By the way, we would not expect the process you described following as one that would result in reliably discovering the meaning of such a phrase. Respectfully, we suggest that following the Standard for Review would result in discovering what we showed above.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
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Re: Definition of Natural Born Citizen

Postby Zane » Friday October 17th, 2014 9:57 pm MDT

I thought the definition of a natural born Citizen was researched quite well in the original Quo Warranto action sent to Eric Holder, US Attorney General. One could simply research that research to satisfy any misunderstanding, possibly leading to the discovery of even more support for the definition (the definition's introduction begins in the third paragraph of the Sample Letter).

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