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Virginia and New Jersey elections

Use this forum for contacting Team Law regarding the original jurisdiction elections.

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Virginia and New Jersey elections

Postby Geibes » Friday November 11th, 2005 5:41 am MST

How did the elections go in Virginia and New Jersey? Haven't seen any media announcements about the de jure governors! :wink:
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Re: Virginia and New Jersey elections

Postby Admin » Friday November 18th, 2005 3:29 pm MST

:h: Geibes:

If all of the reports are in those that said that they would run did not and we lost both states. We have yet to seat New Jersey so that was not a loss of a seat we had already obtained and we have no heard from the incumbent Governor yet so we do not know if he retained his seat. If he did not, he still is the Governor until the beginning of next year so he could technically appoint a Lt. Governor and when his seat retires at the beginning of the year the appointed Lt. Governor would automatically become the Governor so that State is not actually lost either. That means that as of this latest election we still have 39 original jurisdiction State governors in their seats. Next year is the big election so we hope we have a much better turn out for that. It is imperative that we seat all of the governors next year to get the job done.

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