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Confirm or deny Complete seating of OJ Government—

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Confirm or deny Complete seating of OJ Government—

Postby FreeManOnLand » Sunday September 20th, 2009 11:15 pm MDT

A man named Tim Turner has claimed that the republic has been successfully reseated. Among those claims is also the claim that the military, because of the pose comatodas act, is not directly able to police the American People and therefore need an intermediary, in this case a Militia that has sworn allegiance to our new Government.

I will not pursue much further being that there are no bases for my claims and is all hearsay. Perhaps admin can confirm or deny these claims.

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Re: Confirm or deny Complete seating of OJ Government.

Postby Admin » Monday September 21st, 2009 2:36 pm MDT

:h: FreeManOnLand:
First of all, a reminder: as per our Forum Rules, which every user on this Open Forum system agreed to, the purpose of our Open Forum is to eliminate e-mail to and from Team Law while providing a means for learning about Team Law and our work. Thus, this inquiry asks nothing about Team Law or about our work. Further, we ask people not to post inquiries on our Open Forum system about other people and or about other organizations because we do not want this site to become overrun with such reviews. Instead we allow our work and efforts to stand on their own. Accordingly, we would usually have simply deleted this inquiry and returned a copy of the same to you asking you to refrain from such abuses in the future.

However, in this case we are going to make an exception, due to the insidious abuses of such charlatans as referenced by FreeManOnLand's inquiry. We will initially post this response but we will follow it with a more thorough review in the future.

Today, our country is faced with several people like this one that would like to start a Civil War. They are simply Corp. U.S. inspired Agent Provocateurs. This particular group would have the people believe the Articles of Confederation are still in full force and applicable across the nation. Of course, that nonsense is easily dismissed by simply looking at the historical facts (see: Myth 23)

Therefore, alleging it has any force or effect in law today is indeed ludicrous; and, anyone that knows anything about it should be able to see past any bogus allegation of it having any such force or effect. In our world today it would be a perfectly idiotic recipe for disaster.

Turner and his affiliates allege they held appointments for each of their State governors by first appointing national Postmasters; don’t ask where they allege either they or such postmasters could get the authority to do that, it is just as mystical and the rest of their story; and, it certainly fails to follow any standard of Law in the United States of America. Once they had three such postmasters allegedly appointed, they allowed any three (regardless of the state they were from) to appoint governors to the various states. To make it all “legal” they also appointed recorders and had them “record” the alleged gubernatorial appointments as if such a specious record would seat the respective State Governors.

What a crock!

When they spoke with Senator Madsen and he attempted to show them that what they were doing failed to follow the law, they began using profane language unrepeatable in any civil society. Accordingly, Senator Madsen ended the conversation; the principal party leading the call made clear their real intent was to go to War with Corp. U.S. and oust Corp. U.U. in a war with the people.

Were it not for this last point, we would have deleted this topical thread from the forum for its failure to follow our Forum Rules. However, the agendas of such charlatans’ poses a topic we must all be aware of and do all we can to obviate. We cannot allow another Civil War in this country. That is exactly what Corp. U.S. seems to want. It seems to be the underlying reason Corp. U.S. has been doing all they can to inspire people to buy guns over the last 20 years (through legislation and threatened legislation); which pattern they are now following to inspire the people to buy ammunition for those guns (at a faster rate than the manufacturers can make it).

We must understand the last plank of the communistic plan for taking over a great nation is: “Cause the people to rebel against the government.” Thus, considering where we are as shown in our presentation of Myth 22, the one thing we cannot participate in is a Civil War.

Our Constitutional Republic works better than any form of government has ever worked in the history of mankind. It has only one limitation and Benjamin Franklin acknowledged that limitation on September 18, 1787, as he emerged from the meeting, at the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia where our Constitutional Republic was formed.

Mrs. Powell directly asked him, “Well, Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?”
Mr. Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

His response has never been more important than today.
Can we keep it?

That response also has an answer and it is the answer Team Law has provided from our beginning:
We can;
however, to do it,
the people must:
learn the law and apply it.

Therefore, that is all Team Law does, we help people learn how to easily learn the law from their own self-education and study and so they can apply it; and, together we can save our nation and ourselves.

Certainly we have to learn the law well enough to understand the importance of ignoring people like Turner, whose primary intent is to start a war.

For those that have considered war as an option, please remember, war means: no food, no power, no running water, no working septic effulgent system, and no monitory trade (you cannot eat gold, silver). The stores will all close; the utilities will all be gone. Most people will simply starve.

Such pundits as Turner want this. Do you?

Our point has always been, “We are in the situation we have today because people are ignorant of the law and rather than controlling government with the law (like the system was designed) we have allowed what we thought was government to tell us what to do and we did it in ignorance. Now, those in power do as they will and the people merely groan and complain—still in ignorance. If you ask the people they tell you that they know that if a law applies to them they are required to know what the law is. Still, they do not know what the laws are—but they are afraid, if they do not do what they are told, then mean and nasty things will happen to them. Their ignorance and their fears are removed only by their doing what they already know they have to do but have not done. That is they must learn the law and apply it. When they do their ignorance will fall away and they will be able to restore our lawful government by applying the law. As they do, they will avert any such war, save the economy and our country and restore our Constitutional Republic form of government.”

Ben Franklin was right, “A republic, if you can keep it.”
And, we can keep it only if we learn the law firsthand through our own study and application of the law. It is the only way. Team Law can help you do it.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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Re: Confirm or deny Complete seating of OJ Government.

Postby 427windsorman » Sunday November 29th, 2009 11:51 am MST

Outstanding reply Admin!
The Problem Is Not With Guns. It’s Hearts Without God, Homes Without Discipline, Schools Without Prayer, and Courts Without Justice.

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