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Strawman - Created for (Corp USA) purposes ?

The forum is for discussing the myths found on the Team Law website's Patriot Mythology page.

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Strawman - Created for (Corp USA) purposes ?

Postby Orm » Tuesday November 18th, 2014 6:32 am MST

I am searching to find the answer.. perhaps someone can direct me or chime in..... I have read the Strawman is non-existent, therefore impossible to prove. However, would not the Corp USA need to create a strawman (a person) for each (wo)man so it can lawfully intercourse with The People? Is it not unlawful for a fiction (Corp USA) to intercourse with living souls? In my mind's eye I see a de jure national govt that has been abandoned, and 300 million living souls with no govt; AND operating parallel that at "anarchy" is the "CORP USA" and "THE STATE(s) OF" and "THE COUNTY(s) OF" intercoursing with JOHN Q. PUBLIC(s).

United States of America, New York State, Erie County.... inhabitant John Public


Would it not make sense that you can not inverse these relations?

or maybe i am entirely in Error

thank you

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Re: Strawman - Created for (Corp USA) purposes ?

Postby Admin » Tuesday November 18th, 2014 11:21 pm MST

:h: Orm:
Thank you for your inquiry.
The definitive answer to your inquiry is: “No.”

However, before we get into what that is the definitive answer we need to address your inquiry’s presupposition of “impossible to prove”; which is an inaccurate element of Patriot Mythology.

For example:
Escrow accounts are Strawman accounts; because, they are momentarily created to facilitate in carrying out a transaction; respectively, the moment Escrow closes, the Strawman, thereto related, ceases to exist; nonetheless, the Strawman thereto related is easily proven even though its existence was momentary—the evidence of its existence is both existent and obvious; therefore, easily proven. Such is the case with virtually all strawman related transactions. Therefore, the said presupposition is false.

And, because that presupposition is an element from Patriot Mythology, we refer you to the articles we posted on our Patriot Mythology page regarding the Strawman Myth. on that page we debunk several strawman related myths; start reading at Myth 1 and continue through (at least) Myth 5.

Regardless of that presupposition, the definitive answer to your inquiry is still: “No.”

The reason “No” is the definitive (only reasonable answer to) your question is that intercourse (depending on what you mean with that word choice) is possible between any parties (that can communicate) regardless of their nature.

For example:
Just as with any other party, communication, in and of itself, is not binding; binding relationships are always based upon the specific terms of the relationship in question. Therefore, just as any party that can communicate, can so communicate with any other such party—regardless of their nature. Also, any such party can so contract with any other such party based upon the lawful terms of their agreements. Respectively, just as any other party (human or otherwise) can so communicate and contract, Corp. U.S. can also communicate and/or contract with other parties regardless of the nature of the parties with whom they so communicate and/or contract.

Another example:
If you (a human) and IBM (a corporation) both wanted to enter into a buy/sell contract to exchange a computer system of wood, you could certainly make that agreement in accord with lawful terms. Respectively, if you want to talk about such an agreement with such a party, that too would be lawful and possible; thus, no “Strawman” would be needed for any such relationships (whether you are merely discussing the same or performing the sale—each of which can be considered intercourse).

However, given that it is impossible for business entities to procreate having a strawman to intercede will not remedy the physical limitation that makes that kind of intercourse impossible for both IBM and Corp. U.S.

Respectively, there is no law that limits businesses from communicating with people.
And, contrary to popular Patriot Mythology, businesses are not fictional.

Also, because Corp. U.S. was charged with the responsibility of carrying out the business needs of our original jurisdiction government; the seats of government have not been abandoned; there is a significant difference between abandonment and vacation. The seats of our original jurisdiction government were merely vacated while Corp. U.S. was left in charge of the business needs of the vacant officers.

Respectively, you were entirely correct by noting the possibility that you were in error. By the way we covered these exact issues a few days ago on our Conference Call.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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