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Can we get out of the effect of Myth 22 by resigning?

The forum is for discussing the myths found on the Team Law website's Patriot Mythology page.

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Can we get out of the effect of Myth 22 by resigning?

Postby Admin » Saturday October 7th, 2006 12:29 pm MDT

:h: Everyone:
To start this forum off we are posting the following message Admin received in a private message. We thought it might be helpful to you all. The message we received is anonymously presented as follows:
forum user wrote:Admin,
I have listened to Team Law’s interview (both of them) twice now. I have also studied the info @ Team Law’s website quite thoroughly. If my understanding is correct regarding my relationship with Social Security Administration, I as the trustee of the Trust, created by Social Security Administration with a name that looks (in all caps) like mine and sounds like mine but is not me, then could I not simply resign as Trustee and thereby render the Trust unconscious and lifeless. If this is correct, is there a procedure to do this or is simply never using the Social Security number for anything again enough to render the Trust a death blow, so to speak.
<hr>Admin’s response:
:h: In making your inquiry we hope you first thoroughly reviewed Myth 22 from Team Law’s website’s Patriot Mythology page.

The gut instinct many people have regarding their discovery of the elements behind Myth 22 is they just want out. That is certainly a natural response. However, the problem with that is, if they discovered a way out they would likely jump into it, just as ignorantly and just as quickly as they jumped into the relationship offered by Social Security Administration (hereinafter “SSA”). We expect the learning experience of jumping into the SSA offered relationship and then after years of participation with it discovering Myth 22 should inspire greater caution may be in order. Perhaps we should make sure we understand our options before we just jump anywhere.

Responsibilities were established during the management of that Trust; responsibilities that cannot legitimately be evaded; those responsibilities must be lawfully fulfilled. Further, if people could simply jump out of such responsibilities, who would control Corp. U.S. and bring them into accountability? Who would restore the assets that have been accruing to Corp. U.S. through such trusts back to private ownership and or stewardship outside of Corp. U.S. control? The answer to both questions, if the people vacated those relationships, is no one would, all of that property would remain the property of Corp. U.S.

Thus, rather than jumping out of the system, of necessity, is controllers (you) would be wise to first discover how to properly use the tools at your disposal in your current situation. Such a discovery process will divulge the fact that those tools are far more powerful in the system than they will ever be out of the system.

That stated, we look to the details of your message and respond accordingly:
First of all, there is a significant difference between ‘you being the trustee’ (which is highly unlikely) and ‘you lending your consciousness and physical capacity to said Trust, which it uses in its Trustee capacity’ (which more likely is the case).

The simple facts remain, “when the Trustee acts it is the Trust that is acting (not the man)”. This was well clarified in the Contracts, Trusts and the Corporation Sole article.

Therefore, we cannot understand what you mean by:
forum user wrote:I as the trustee of the Trust, created by SSA
Unless you subsequently created a general partnership between the Trust and yourself. Assuming (because of your statement) that you have, the only way to resolve such a relationship is to complete it in accord with its terms. Team Law can only help its beneficiaries with the educational services necessary to resolve such a matter.
forum user wrote:as the trustee of the Trust … could I not simply resign as Trustee and thereby render the Trust unconscious and lifeless?
The relationship was created with the responsibility of holding the card in trust until Corp. U.S. wants it back; according to the terms of the relationship, if that time has not come, the Trustee capacity cannot resign—the relationship is only revocable by its Creator or by its Beneficiary; thus, the Trustee has no capacity to resign the responsibility of holding the card and managing the responsibilities related to its use in trust.

Respectively regarding the possibility of terminating the loan of consciousness and physical capacity to said Trust through its Trustee capacity:
According to the terms of the relationship, as it was created, the relationship is non-transferable, which terms have been well decided by the courts.

Thus, the answer to your question is obviously, “No, resignation is not a lawful option.”

The option of simply not using said Trust for anything again is certainly possible, but it is not as simple as it may seem. In all likelihood, since said Trust came into existence it has become the holder of a life’s worth of assets lawfully accumulated for its Beneficiary. Those assets remain in trust for said beneficiary (Corp. U.S.) either until they are distributed to Corp. U.S. or until they are otherwise righteously dispossessed from said Trust in reasonable exchanges made at fair market value. Any other kind of exchange or loss would create a general partnership between said Trust and those bearing fiduciary responsibility to it. Thus, stopping its use is something that takes proper planning and again we can only assist Team Law beneficiaries with that level of educational service.
    We think the best plan is:
  1. Take a moment and first learn the nature of the current relationship more fully;
  2. Make a reasonable plan that includes proper use of the Trust to both:
    1. Control Corp. U.S. in its lawful obligations (hold it to the terms of the relationship they created and to the terms of law under which Corp. U.S. was created); and,
    2. Use the Trust to make Corp. U.S. and its agencies (such as this trust) the borrowers, renters and leasers of assets instead of the owners (either in law or in equity).
This is easily done by comparison to the options you suggested; it simply takes a bit of education, which is exactly what Team Law does—we help you educate yourself so that you make sure you are right before you act and then act in accord with the law to get the outcome you desire.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
Team Law,

"In memory of our God, our faith, and freedom,
and of our spouses, our children, and our peace.

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