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A question re: SS numbers, etc.

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A question re: SS numbers, etc.

Postby Reepotomac » Saturday March 20th, 2010 5:26 am MDT

Do you guys know anyone who has received any kind of official government issued piece of paper that says they no longer have a social security number?
Do you guys think the Erie v. Tompkins case is a very important case?

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Re: A question re: SS numbers, etc.

Postby Admin » Saturday March 20th, 2010 7:59 pm MDT

:h: Reepotomac:
Your post contains two questions the last of which is easy to answer with: “Of course, Erie is an important case.”

However, the first question is more difficult because, though the answer would be simple enough, the presuppositions contained in the question would clearly preclude that you would not understand the answer. Thus, answering the inquiry is significantly more difficult than it may seem.

Due to the fact that the congressional acts regarding the topic clearly provide that neither the social security card nor the social security number belong to any of the people, your first question’s presupposition [that such a thing could belong to anyone other than Corp. U.S. and that anyone would have subsequently tried to have that thing removed] implied a possibility that we could have awareness of anyone that may have received an official paper saying that they no longer have that thing, which the law says they could never have had seems absurd.

Nonetheless, according to the law, the answer to your question must be, “No.”

However, we are aware of people that were named on a Social Security SS-5 form that the Social Security Administration used to respectively generate an account regarding for which account the Social Security Administration did generate a taxpayer name and account number for, print the same on a social security card and respectively deliver the same to the party so named on said SS-5 form. Said card was received in accord with its terms and thereafter the proper forms were filed to request a cancelation of the relationship so created and Social Security Administration did cancel the relationship and issued the respective documentation acknowledging that fact.

That having been also noted here we reiterate the fact that we are not aware of the Social Security Administration ever issuing a social security number to any people at any time; for them to do so would be a violation of law.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Tell everybody about Team Law! :t^:
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